Ignore My Silver Prediction At Your Peril

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  1. anon says:

    It’s called “manipulation”. The liberals are trying to cover up the Keynesian catastrophe and to punish those who were smart enough to call them out in trades.

    If Obama gets reelected expect outright confiscation of metals.


  2. John C says:

    I will ignore all your bias “recommendations” – this is just another panic button push to “control” the market. JP Morgan is under investigation and have sold billions of “silver assets” in form of certificates. There is no physical silver to back it up. Just like Fort Knox is probably empty!

    Why is the dollar CRASHING? Soon it will not even be worth the paper it is printed on. If you compare it to any other currency of the world on a 10 year trend, it is losing value by the day. They are intentionally crashing it which is part of the plan to “get out of” or eliminate the growing 14 trillion dollar debt. It is increasing with $10,000/second and what is the government’s solution? Print more money!

    This silver drop is just an attempt to rock the market and again FALSLY undervalue it’s real value. It will sky rocket when they rob the entire nation and implement the new Amero.


  3. John C says:

    This is a false warning. Silver is just dipping temporarily.

    The US dollar is crashing by the day against any other currency. Buy more silver when it is low!


  4. Mark says:

    Until America “seriously” does something with it’s debt problem precious metals are not going down other than short term burst.

    The media is already brainwashing America that we do not actually have a debt problem. Good luck with that one


  5. JPSerino says:

    Well, just like others who see gold and silver as “securities” to be “traded”, it looks like fundamentals just don’t mean anything to people on Wall Street, even those who claim “not to lie”. I’m not saying the author is lying, but is still drinking the Kool Aid. Wall Street, the Fed, the US Gov and global banksters have lied for 200 years. They keep trying to use fiat currency to control everything and everyone. This is the latest round of collapse in the Ponzi scheme. It looks like every response to the article is not fooled, either. The People are waking up. At least some of us will be standing when the next round begins, with a gold standard. Then, the author will be shocked to find that all the BIG SHOTS have been hording gold and silver all along. Gee, I wonder why??


  6. rafael mota says:

    the silver price is almost always cheap regarding to another metal mineral prices that suppot the currency of us dollar in silver in the trade and another currency for the international commerce payments-so the us international debt is over the the 45 billion of dollars so the money value.


  7. Bill says:

    I don’t understand why you would be so biased about silver. Historically, price corrections are all explainable. This current correction is no doubt about the increases in margin requirements. However, the other people that replied and mention the dollar “problem” I believe will prove to be more right. 🙂

    Until the U.S. comes to grips with reality, the price of Silver (in dollars) will have to stay in its general overall up trend.


  8. rod wolcott says:

    For every penny the dollar losses value, silver gains a penny and dont forget that.
    When there are devaluations in world currentcies silver gains value.
    Silver is volatile when the world is economically sound and the dollar is appreciating. silver prices are still being manipulated.


  9. Why does China then opted to buy SOOOO much silver in the last year or so? Are they making a huge mistake? I hardy think so — you are just into this for your own greedy motives like most are – I bet you are buying up all the silver you can get your dirrty little hands on!


    Derek Mearns Reply:

    We expressly forbid our writers from having a financial interest in any security recommended to our readers. All of our employees and agents must wait 24 hours after on-line publication, or 72 hours after the mailing of printed-only publication prior to following an initial recommendation.


    Derek Mearns, Editor
    Wall Street Daily


    Leon Reply:

    Now it looks like he is getting paid by JP Morgan or the FED.
    That or he lost his mind.


  10. Leon says:

    After you think the whole situation through, there is only one logic you have to follow more money printing => price of commodities go up. On top of that the value will go up fi. as silver supply runs out. Gold remains contango.

    Strange that you posts contradicts the advice in the WSD Insider don’t you read your own company newsletter ?

    I will complain with the editor about this post as it is manipulation by providing wrong information to readers.

    Did JP morgan pay you to write this piece ? I feel offended and angry.


  11. Mike says:

    If you believe the bull she is writing give my your address and I’ll buy all the silver you have on hand, and I’ll give you $30 an ounce. But when you are broke because you kept investing in a market that is about to collapse and commodoties will be higher than anyone can afford, and the dollar is worth toilet paper, maybe you can use it to cry on.


  12. chelsie says:

    Silver will take a small plunge probably down. To bout 25-28 but when it comes back I tr. uly believe. It will jump back fiercely too 80 plus that’s just. my opinion from how much. More we. Are having to dig compared to the 1960;s to the amount we are. Getting now out of are mines today. Good luck


  13. jerry says:

    It seems to me that CME should be investigated for market manipulation. To increase its mandatory deposits by 400% in order to “calm” the increase for silver futures is pure market manipulation. I purchase old coins, that have somehow been immune to this drop in silver, for the moment. But, I will be buying bullion after silver bottoms out.

    As far as buying stock in the mining companies go, 5% minus inflation and costs of living increases amounts to about a 1% annual profit. With the aging baby boomer generation, I think I will keep my stocks in big pharma… Thank you.

    Silver has always been a roller coaster, going up and down. And like any other commodity buy low and sell high. Silver will probably bottom out at around $17, but then rise again. It is a waiting game if your already invested or are planning to invest. The speculation by this author is a year old and the equivalent to a fortune teller’s prediction. It was bound to go down at some point. My prediction is that after silver bottoms out, it will go up again! Give me a year and see if I am right.


  14. rod wolcott says:

    Buy medical management stocks now while the dollar is easy to obtain. Buy Silver when the dollar disappears.


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