Saving the World With Synthetic Trees

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  1. Brian says:

    This has the same problem as carbon sequestration. In trees, when carbon dioxide is absorbed, solar energy is used to convert it to sugars. The carbon dioxide no longer exists.

    These artificial trees just capture the carbon dioxide until they reach some level of saturation. Energy is still needed to get rid of (convert) the carbon dioxide. And since most sources of energy produce carbon dioxide, this doesn’t seem to solve any problem currently.


    Jim Clark Reply:

    What is physical size for the scrubbers per ton of carbon removed?

    What is the process that removes the CO2?

    What is the $cost per ton removed?

    What is the cost of the scrubber(s) per ton of carbon?

    Thank you
    Jim Clark


  2. Jim Clark says:

    What is:
    operating cost of removing CO2 from scrubbers (per ton of carbon?)

    Cost of scrubber per ton of carbon removed.

    physical size of plant per ton of carbon


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