Google vs. Apple: Why comScore Has Picked the Wrong Winner in This Mobile Battle

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  1. Patrick says:

    Louis Basenese-
    I like your article on Zipcar. Is there a shorting opportunity that you would recommend? Options etc? The same for GM?
    Keep up the good work.


    Louis Basenese

    Louis Basenese Reply:

    I don’t have any specific investment recommendations. Generally speaking, though, shorting Zipcar could prove problematic as individual brokers might not have shares available to short yet. As for options, it typically takes about 30-90 days after an IPO before options begin trading on a stock.


  2. Russell says:

    Hey Justin – several things are wrong with your argument… but let’s look at them one at a time.

    1. You might not like that the iPod Touch is an iOS device, but guess who doesn’t? Developers. To iOS app developers, they see a huge number of people who could potentially buy their creations. This just isn’t the case on the highly fragmented Android side. After all, Apple has put out just four versions of the iPhone in four years – meanwhile there were more than FIFTY Android phones released in just 2010?!

    All those different screen sizes, processor speeds, touchscreens, RAM, etc… means one huge headache for Android developers and users alike. Apps crash, UI’s are stretched (or squashed), and in general make it impossible to provide a good experience for the user.

    In addition, a huge portion of Android’s sales come from cheap (or free) phones that are never intended to take advantage of what today’s smartphones have to offer – meanwhile 100% of iPhones do, and now can on the TWO largest carriers around.

    2. You say that iPod’s are a dying breed because they are “portable music players”?! Sorry to bring you into today’s world… but to most under 20 year-olds, these iPod’s are gaming machines and portable computers as much as they’re music players. And as these teens grow… do you think they’ll adopt an iPhone (with the same UI and apps they’ve purchased) or an Android phone – which would mean re-investing in their favorite apps all over again?

    To me, it looks like Apple has a huge “leg up” on 10+ million customers, no?

    3. I simply LOVE companies that claim to prognosticate the 2015 market in which the Android side currently has NO viable competitor to the iPad?!

    The bottom line is that the iPhone competed with Android while being limited to one (often inept) carrier. Now that the iPhone is both Verizon and AT&T compatible… and is offering a $49 option (the 3GS)… Android will continue to struggle on the high-end of their product line.

    However, Android will eventually “win” the numbers competition by allowing it’s OS to be put on any plastic, knock-off phone and offering it to people for free.

    To people that can’t see the difference between a rock and a pebble – that may seem like a victory. But to those who embrace smartphones for the mobile computers they’ve become… Apple will reign until another Soft Drink CEO takes over the company.


    Justin Fritz Reply:

    Russell, you make some interesting points here. But it looks like you already agree with my main argument: “Android will eventually ‘win’ the numbers competition.”


  3. Some good comments Russell, but yes 50 differenct types of ice cream and chocolate will still lose overall on the sales. We also must consider that the Android OS is in its infancy to some degree, as this improves along with the market and OS standards, it will eventually be a decent competitor in time.

    Also the Windows Mobile OS on Nokia phones is something to watch…..


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