The Doctor is In: How Telemedicine is Bringing House Calls Back to Healthcare

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  1. As a company we are in the process of launching a telemedicine portal in the UK called

    We have seen so many people scare themselves half to death by trying to equate symptoms they have, with symptoms they find online that indicate a serious problem. As good as sites like Webmd are, they usually can only provide the broadest range of information, which a concerned reader can take as confirmation that they do indeed have the illness.

    Connecting rural communities in the UK is not so much of a problem, as it would be in the US, due to the respective sizes of the countries, but providing reliable hard information from the horses mouth (so to speak)is ultimately what most people want.


  2. Pete Coen says:

    This is real and available in the US. Telemedicine will give real time access to patients. Healthnation is one of those companies who currently offer this service to all families for a very affordable price. Insurance or no insurance. Doesn’t matter. This is awesome!!


  3. J.Michael Palka says:

    Health Nation is providing a Telemedicine service to Americans now and the service which is provided by U.S. based medical doctors has its users cheering. With more than 50 million Americans without health insurance this can bring peace of mind knowing that they have access to a doctor 24/7. It has been stated that 78% of all doctors office visits combined with urgent and emergency room visits are unnecessary and can be handled by phone. (More info go here ) This is very important, it is the only network of its kind to offer Naturopathic Doctors (NDs). Phone, video chat and email can be used with the doctors. This is the best part, UNlimited calls for a family of 6, including kids away at college for only $30 per month. This is the future of health care in America.


  4. Ken Colander says:

    This article frames the current healthcare situation very well. Access and affordability have continued to be major obstacles for Americans. The American healthcare model is clearly the most expensive, but the results do not mirror the costs.


  5. In today modern world, I think house call doctors plays an important role in helping individuals in their sickness to be treated instantly.


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