Five Reasons Why We’re (Still) Bullish on Stocks

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  1. Lee Dietschweiler says:

    look forward to reading the “reality” thing.


  2. Jack Gurley says:

    Good analysis and good report Louis. Thanks!


  3. Ryan says:

    Historically, in the third year of a president’s term, the stock market is bullish….very bullish.


  4. Charles M Keeler Jr says:

    I very definitely agree with your assessment that the current bull market has significant legs left to run. Even the ending of the Fed’s quantitative easing will not significantly end this run although a flash crash may occur and could be as much as 10 or even 20%. Such an event would present ample opportunities for profits. Keep up the good work. Thank you Chuckles


  5. Amyg Dat says:

    The foreign derivatives sellers are still taking a trillion a day out of the US economy some days. Derivatives are trash and these guys are selling them to take our money.


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