Have You Heard the Bull Coming From These Nokia Bulls?

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  1. Eugenio Lovece says:

    This looks like a nice broad view of the device’s market where Nokia is involved. However, it misses the point in several areas. It does not count with the fact that the success of Apple et al has a high component of marketing and advertising. A key factor has been the hype placed around those devices. And that the quality of them is to be desired. The power of Nokia lies in factors like: quality, far reaching market penetration, where other devices don’t even get there, the increased production of devices with smartphone functionality at affordable prices. Last but not least, the people in Nokia extremely innovative when that’s the goal, see for example the origens of Angry Birds, top in the games, coming from similar roots….
    Tsunamis don’t get announced but we can hear the power coming in, just need to look in the right direction.


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