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This Tiny Company Just Smashed Through an “Impossible” Technological Barrier… And Profits Are on the Way

Are you ready for the 4D revolution?

If you thought 4D didn’t exist, think again. It’s here – and it’s coming in just two weeks.

One company has pioneered a remarkable new invention that is poised to smash down technological walls and introduce users to a mind-blowing new interactive experience. And it’s doing so by capitalizing on one of the technology sector’s hottest trends.

You see, there’s no question these days that when it comes to their entertainment, consumers expect a higher level of reality.

For proof, you only need to look at the growth of 3D movie ticket sales, which now account for upwards of 70% of the industry’s revenue.

Same goes for the video game industry. As my colleague, Alexander Moschina, mentioned last week, the massive popularity of video games is dominating the entertainment industry – and interactive gaming is fast becoming the norm.

With such growth of more immersive technology across the entertainment sector, it’s no surprise that investor interest has spiked, too.

But it’s also no surprise that Wall Street is missing the real opportunity.

While The Wall Street Journal argues which company offers the best 3D television experience, one tiny outfit is poised to exceed the limitations of 3D technology – and break the market wide open…

The Fourth DimensionKor-FX

In short, Massachusetts-based Immerz Inc. has developed a revolutionary gaming accessory that allows you to play video games in 4D.

The device, called Kor-FX, is basically a lightweight plastic strap that sits on your shoulders like a backpack. And two pads rest on each side of your chest.

The device works through a splitter that connects to the audio jack of any PC or gaming console, including Sony’s (NYSE: SNE) PlayStation and Microsoft’s (Nasdaq: MSFT) Xbox.

Without getting too technical, the device relays the sound from a video game to the pads over your chest. The pads then produce a vibration effect that corresponds to actions/sounds within the game. Plus, you can feel where the sound is coming from.

It’s basically like interactive surround sound. Or, as Popular Science puts it, “It’s like acclimating to the new cinematic 3D: First it wows you, then it just works on your senses, pulling you deeper into the story.”

And while 3D technology tricks your brain visually, 4D taps into something much more visceral.

By placing the pads over the chest, the vibration effect travels to the brain along the same pathway as your voice. And according to Kor-FX inventor, Shahriar Afshar (who’s also a physics professor), it works because the voice “is strongly associated with a sense of self and emotions.”

So instead of your brain perceiving actions in a video game as external, Afshar says, “You immediately internalize it.”

The 4D Revolution is About to Hit

As a gamer myself, though, I guarantee that as long as Kor-FX boosts the gaming experience, Immerz’s target market won’t really care how it works.

Case in point: I watched a Bloomberg video of gamers testing the device. The two most verbose reviews I heard were, “I feel everything” and “Uh, that’s sick.”

Eloquent, I know.

Let’s add a little more detail. The Consumer Electronics Association ranked Kor-FX among the 11 most innovative consumer technology products for 2010. And while it hasn’t started shipping yet, Kor-FX lands in select stores and online retailers at the end of this month.

To top it off, since the technology works wherever there’s audio, Immerz is already in talks with movie cinemas to integrate 4D technology into theaters.

Once this technology goes mainstream (with practically zero competitors in the 4D gaming space), it won’t be long before the gaming industry leaders (i.e. Sony and Microsoft) take notice.

Good investing,

Justin Fritz

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