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July 2014

Are 3-D Printed Guns a Cause for Concern?

By - July 15, 2014

Last year, Cody Wilson fashioned the world’s first 3-D printed firearm – changing everything with one pull of the trigger.

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Do World Cup Defeats Affect Stock Markets?

By - July 9, 2014

The World Cup has riled up fans around the globe, but could the disappointment of defeat be affecting stock markets?

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“Clever Buoy” Saves Swimmers From Shark Attacks

By - July 8, 2014

Meet your new lifeguard on the beach – “Clever Buoy” – whose technology promises to save swimmers from shark attacks…

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While in China, Merkel Addresses U.S. Double Agent

By - July 8, 2014

During a business-boosting trip in China, Angela Merkel faces hard, pressing questions about a potential U.S. double agent.

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Al Qaeda Splinter Group Declares Islamic “Caliphate”

By - July 1, 2014

Five years after Obama released the world’s most dangerous terrorist, his militant group, ISIL, is turning the Middle East into a caliphate.

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