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Keynote Speaker Series

Wall Street Daily routinely interviews key players in the world of finance, including the commodities investing legend, Jim Rogers. Just click the "Playlist" button to see the entire lineup of interviews.

Apple to Be Replaced Soon?


Over 100 stocks are setting all-time highs, with thousands more close to record-breaking territory. But don't be spooked.

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May 2015

Incredible Prosthetics Powered by the Mind

By - May 25, 2015

The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab has been testing prosthetic limbs that are controlled entirely by the user’s mind.

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Can a Handshake Measure Your Lifespan?

By - May 15, 2015

The implications of a good handshake are more important than ever. New research shows that it could determine your life expectancy.

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Meet Luna… the Rehab Robot

By - May 13, 2015

This advanced technology not only diagnoses problems… it’s taking physical therapy to an entirely new level of high tech.

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Smartphone Diagnoses Disease in 15 Minutes

By - May 9, 2015

Can a smartphone really diagnose killer diseases like HIV? You bet. And this brilliant, remarkably cheap innovation does it in mere minutes.

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Crowdfunding – The Future of Investing

People have been looking for all sorts of opportunities to make money from the internet, and “crowdfunding” is probably the most mature and sophisticated culmination so far.

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Remarkable New Tech Separates Oil From Water

By - May 6, 2015

Scientists have created a special nano-coating that absorbs water, but repels oil – an innovation that could revolutionize oil spill cleanups.

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Chipotle Leaves GMOs for Outdated Chains

By - May 5, 2015

As Millennials make the U.S. food industry healthier, “fast casual” is all the rage. Here’s one chain that just upped the ante…

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Workday Upgrade: the Desk of the Future

By - May 4, 2015

As more people cut ties with their chairs and opt for standing desks, Autonomous Desk is taking the trend to a whole new level.

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