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Keynote Speaker Series

Wall Street Daily routinely interviews key players in the world of finance, including the commodities investing legend, Jim Rogers. Just click the "Playlist" button to see the entire lineup of interviews.

Apple to Be Replaced Soon?


Over 100 stocks are setting all-time highs, with thousands more close to record-breaking territory. But don't be spooked.

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July 2015

Smart Sensor Monitors Your Car for Damages

By - July 22, 2015

A new rental car smart sensor provides 24/7 surveillance when a car is parked, sending any impact data to the driver and rental firm.

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Land Rover’s New Tech Ends Pothole Pain

By - July 15, 2015

Potholes are the scourge of drivers, destroying car suspensions and tires. But Jaguar Land Rover is creating unique technology to end this experience.

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Japan’s Tech Solution for Its Aging Population

By - July 11, 2015

As Japan’s population continues to age, the country faces growing concerns over how it will care for the elderly. Its solution? Robots.

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Sand City: A Metropolis in the Desert

By - July 8, 2015

Would you want to build a city in the middle of the desert? This company sure does. And there’s more to this picture than meets the eye…

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Proof That Americans Are Delaying Retirement

By - July 7, 2015

Think you’ll retire at 65? Our infographic breaks down some new and disconcerting data about when Americans stop working.

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Want to Fly? Just Throw on This Jetpack and Go

By - July 5, 2015

New Zealand firm Martin Jetpack has just turned dreams into reality by showcasing the world’s first commercial jetpack, set to launch in 2016.

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Groundbreaking Hoverbike Wows U.S. Government

By - July 1, 2015

Malloy Aeronautics has hit the big time. At the recent Paris Airshow, its revolutionary Hoverbike secured investment from the U.S. government.

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