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Tech and Innovation Archive

Nothing garners more excitement (and profits) in the investment world like new technology. Apple’s (Nasdaq: AAPL) iPhone is the perfect example. When the company launched the original device in 2007, shares blasted over 300% higher in less than four years.

Now, targeting companies like Apple might work for long-term investors. But traders looking to bank double-digit gains in short order should shift their focus to smaller, lesser-known players in the technology space. The following articles should point you in the right direction.

December 2014

Amazing Find Leads to Triple-Digit Gain

By - December 18, 2014

Big news for Novogen - its lead product drove shares 214% higher on Tuesday. But does the stock have even more room to run?

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Kiss Goodbye to Your Boring Keyboard and Mouse

By - December 4, 2014

Imagine having control over any device nearby. Sounds like voodoo, or Bond villain stuff, right? Well, meet the Erghis Sphere.

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