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Mergers and Acquisitions Archive

Sometimes the fastest way to grow is to acquire a rival, or at least join forces. A timely acquisition can vastly expand a company’s resources and expertise. A buyout can also diversify a company’s business, providing access to a brand-new market.

Plus, when two small companies find themselves vulnerable to a dominant competitor, joining forces ends up leveling the playing field, which helps keep competition booming in the marketplace.

M&A activity can also be very profitable for investors. The stock of a buyout target shoots sky high as investors scoop up shares to take advantage of the offer’s premium. The stories below offer investors the chance to get in on the action.

January 2016

It’s Time for Twitter to Make a Deal… And Fast

By - January 28, 2016

Amid slumping user growth and a recent exodus of executive talent, Twitter is fading fast. It’s time for CEO Jack Dorsey to strike a buyout deal ASAP.

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The Most Expensive Beer Ever

By - January 21, 2016

For consumers, industry consolidation is rarely good. So what does the proposed merger between Anheuser-Busch and SABMiller mean for craft beer fans?

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