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The U.S. equity market actually makes up less than half of the global equity market. So there may be more overseas investment opportunities than you realize. Think of the world’s dominant manufacturers, China and Germany. Also consider the vast amounts of natural resources coming out of Latin America and Africa. Indeed, some of the greatest opportunities for growth lie outside of the United States in markets that are just getting warmed up. The stories below detail all of the amazing profit plays outside the U.S. border.

October 2014

Obama Signs Cyber-Security Order

By - October 21, 2014

Cyber theft has rendered millions of Americans at risk. But Obama just signed an executive order that retailers and banks are celebrating.

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Shale Bounty Hiding Under America’s Hat

By - October 7, 2014

Shale resources don’t stop at the U.S. border. Canada’s Montney play holds the possibility of riches for those involved.

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Protests in Hong Kong Damage the Global Market

By - October 3, 2014

The world is watching the protests in Hong Kong, which could have worldwide consequences. Learn how to duck the worst.

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