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IPOs Archive

Nothing gets overhyped as much as a company going public. And like many investors learn the hard way, blindly buying into the hype is a good way to go broke fast.

Just look at what happened with Facebook’s (Nasdaq: FB) IPO. People were so eager to invest in the social media company that they ignored the warning signs. By the time Facebook reported earnings for the first time as a public company, shares had cratered over 37% from its opening day high.

Don’t fall for IPO hype. Instead, follow our coverage on IPOs as we spot newly public companies with solid, sustainable fundamentals.

June 2015

The 24/7 Device That Monitors Babies’ Health

By - June 22, 2015

Pregnant women are about to get a tech boost – a new wearable device that offers round-the-clock monitoring of their unborn babies’ health.

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The Fitbit IPO: Winner or Washout?

By - June 18, 2015

As health-and-fitness-tracking firm Fitbit hits the stock market, we assess the prospects for its IPO – and our investment guidance.

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