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Emerging markets represent the biggest growth opportunity of our lifetime. Brazil, Russia, India and China (the BRICs) will account for 25% of global GDP in 2011, up from 11% in 1990. And by 2050, that figure will rise to 40%, according to Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS). Also, consider that public debt in industrialized countries is over 90% of GDP – and is projected to increase dramatically to almost 110% of GDP in the next five years, according to the IMF. By contrast, in emerging markets, public debt is equal to just 38% of GDP and projected to decrease to 34% over the same period of time. You simply can’t pass on this historic profit opportunity.

October 2014

CP-CSX Merger: It Was All About Oil

By - October 22, 2014

Few industries are more affected by the shale oil boom than railroads. The proposed CP-CSX merger was the latest example.

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A Carbon Capture and Storage Breakthrough

By - October 16, 2014

Carbon capture and storage has been in development for more than ten years. The EPA says it is ready for the big time.

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Steady Income From Emerging Market Funds

By - October 14, 2014

For income investors who want global diversification, the answer might be an international fund with a fixed distribution.

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Bitcoin Is Taking a Nosedive

By - October 13, 2014

Bitcoins are an extremely volatile currency trading like a commodity. This play is certainly not for the faint of heart.

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