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Without fail, something that always gives investors an edge in the market is closely tracking company earnings.

We have a mantra here at Wall Street Daily that you'll see often: “Share prices ultimately follow earnings.” It makes sense. After all, only companies that are raking in profits will garner investment interest. So during earnings season, we go on high alert.

We don’t just base our investment analysis on earnings alone, though. We monitor a range of key metrics during earnings reporting season that not only indicates where a company’s share price is likely headed next, but the direction of the market as a whole, too.

April 2014

Hidden Danger Lurking Inside the IPO Market

By - April 24, 2014

The ingredients are simple. Just add one part Amazon (AMZN)… one part eBay (EBAY)… and one part PayPal. Then mix it all together. What do you get? The biggest IPO in the history of the world! Fresh off its $1.4-billion…

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Morgan Stanley Gains on Rivals, But is it Investable?

Quarterly results at investment banks revealed a surprising development this quarter. Morgan Stanley (MS) was a lone standout among banks and brokers as the firm increases its trading revenue, significantly boosting its bottom line in the process. Fixed income and…

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Citigroup Silences Critics With Earnings Beat

Media headlines, far and wide, trashed Citigroup (C) and its CEO, Michael Corbat, for failing the Federal Reserve’s recent “stress test.” But this massive financial institution had something else in store for the naysayers. As the old adage goes, “Success…

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CEOs Suffer Through the Same Recurring Nightmare

By - April 4, 2014

When Friday rolls around in the Wall Street Daily Nation, we roll out the charts. After all, a picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words, right? Plus, at this point in the week, you’re probably tired of reading…

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