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Currencies Archive

Currencies offer a huge profit opportunity for savvy investors. Somewhere between $2 trillion and $3 trillion worth of currency is traded every day through the foreign exchange (Forex) market.

To put this in perspective, the New York Stock Exchange averages roughly $50 billion in volume per day. That makes the Forex market about 50 times bigger. And since the price of a currency is based solely on the supply and demand, the Forex market is free from any external control. The articles below tell you everything you need to know about currency trading.

May 2015

China Reveals What’s Behind Its Golden Curtain

By - May 5, 2015

Later this year, one of the great mysteries of the gold market will be unveiled… China will reveal its gold holdings.

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Petrobras Brews Corruption and Huge Debts

By - May 5, 2015

Petrobras’ corruption scandal has kept it in the headlines. But, the company’s real problem is its massive debt burden.

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