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Top Currencies Archive

Currencies offer a huge profit opportunity for savvy investors. More than $5 trillion worth of currency is traded every day through the foreign exchange (FOREX) market, which is by far the largest market in the world in terms of trading volume.

To put it in perspective, the New York Stock Exchange averages roughly $45 billion in volume per day. That makes the Forex market over 100 times larger. No wonder so many people want to learn how to invest in currencies!

Of course, currencies can be a complex and volatile investment. Should you buy individual currencies, such as the U.S. or Canadian dollar, the Chinese yuan, or the Indian rupee? Or should you buy a pre-made fund like the CurrencyShares Euro ETF?

Confusion often reigns when it comes to forex, and that has given rise to some of the most insidious trading scams in recent memory. Odds are you've heard of the Iraqi Dinar scam, which is one of the most widely publicized internet scams in the world. Yet people still want to know when the Dinar revaluation will take place.

Add political and economic factors such as inflation and interest rates to the mix, and you've got the makings of a confounding investment.

Not to worry, though: Our research team has done all of the hard work for you, and we've compiled these free reports to help jump-start your currency portfolio. Good investing!

November 2015

Boost Income With the Currency Kicker

By - November 17, 2015

International investors should look to countries where the currency is likely to rebound in the coming months.

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Why the U.S. Dollar Is King

By - November 3, 2015

Will the U.S. dollar collapse, and be replaced by the yuan as the world’s reserve currency? Carl Delfeld doesn’t think so…

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