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The commodities market is one area we’re taking a special interest in…

Commodities refer to the actual physical products traded through various exchanges, like corn, soybeans, coffee and gold. One huge benefit of trading commodities is that there are only about a dozen markets worthy of your attention at any given time. That means it’s easier to get to know each market’s behavior and seasonal tendencies.

Still, investors often avoid trading commodities, thinking the market is too complex. But as you’ll see in our research, commodities trading can be as simple as trading in the stock market. Only the profits can be much bigger.

April 2014

There’s Still Time to Profit From This Renewable Energy Technology

By - April 15, 2014

Among the many secrets to successful investing, one of the most powerful is to identify promising sectors that haven’t seen much interest… then wait for the masses to catch up. In the technology sector, this usually happens with unfamiliar areas,…

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As Gold Demand Decelerates, Do This…

By - April 8, 2014

Gold prices have dropped by more than $100 per ounce in recent weeks – from over $1,380 in mid-March to $1,280. I warned you about the lack of faith in the gold rally a few weeks ago after returning from…

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Thank You, Sapphire, for Another 81% Winner

By - April 5, 2014

Marty Biancuzzo is fast-becoming the most connected analyst in the technology world. I urge you to use today’s article as proof. In the coming days, he’ll be revealing his “secret sauce” for scoring mega profits in this hyper-competitive industry. I…

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Checkmate the Shale Market in Three Moves

By - April 4, 2014

On Tuesday, I highlighted three dangerous myths about the U.S. natural gas industry and the truth behind America’s much-documented abundance of shale. Indeed, while the masses are busy touting shale as a nailed-on winner, several massive energy companies have actually…

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