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Stocks Reports

Options Basics - Trade Like a Pro
Are you interested in doubling, tripling, even quadrupling your potential investment gains? Our Senior Analyst has put together an invaluable report to help get you ready to trade like the pros on Wall Street. Let him show you how...
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Crowdfunding: The Future of Investing
Interested in helping fund a startup company or getting in at the bottom of the next big tech breakthrough via crowdfunding? Let us show you how Crowdfunding is the future of investing...
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5 Secrets to Always Beat the Market
Your broker doesn't want you to know how to pick winners, but we've compiled a list of 5 rules to follow to pick the strongest long-term investments and profit in any market.
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5 Golden Rules for Investing in Penny Stocks
Spend any time around blue-blooded Wall Street types, and I guarantee you this: They'll never share a hot tip on a “penny stock.” So we've compiled five rules any investor should follow while searching for opportunities in this speculative corner of the market.
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The 3 Best Technical Indicators on Earth
Want to know the best time to buy and sell your stocks? Technical analysis will show you. This method has proven extremely accurate and successful for decades. And it doesn't need to be complicated, either. In this free report, we highlight the three simplest, most powerful technical indicators – and show you how to use them profitably in every trade.
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The Perfect Pricing Glitch
If you thought the nuclear industry was finished after the Japan crisis... think again. In fact, demand for nuclear power is rising again. And a MAJOR pricing anomaly will supercharge the profit potential. Yet many investors are ignoring this reality. Don't be one of them. Here's how to triple your money with virtually no risk.
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5 Airtight Strategies to Eliminate Investment Risk
While it's true that there might be no guarantees in the stock market, that doesn't mean you can't minimize - or even totally eliminate - risk. In fact, there are five simple things you can do to nab risk-free returns and you can start putting these strategies to work in your own portfolio immediately.
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Save Congress From Itself: The Framers' Secret Resolution
It's been nearly 15,000 days since Congress last proposed a successful amendment to the Constitution. With Congress polling at historically low approval ratings, and Americans having virtually no confidence left in their elected officials, we've clearly reached a tipping point...
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How to Profit From the Biggest Tech Trend of Our Lifetime
The exploding use of mobile devices promises to be the fastest-growing - and biggest technological trend ever. Bigger than the personal computer revolution of the 1990s. Bigger than the internet revolution of the early 2000s. Bigger than...
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Commodities Reports

The Best and Brightest Alternative Energy Investments
Not so long ago, powering the world with renewable energy sources seemed like science fiction. But, today, that dream is rapidly becoming a reality. We've compiled a list of the top-three investments to help you profit from this exciting shift in global energy production...
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The 3 Best Gold Stocks Money Can Buy
There was a time when practically everyone in the world was bullish on gold. The metal has taken a huge hit over the past few years, turning all those bulls to bears and making this a perfect time for us to get in on a truly contrarian investment. Gold is primed for a rebound, and we’ve pored over all the economic research in order to identify the three best investments...
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The Best Shale Stocks Money Can Buy
The United States is in the midst of an energy renaissance courtesy of acres upon acres of shale formations. In fact, the EIA predicts that the United States will become a net exporter of oil within the next few years. And we've pored through the fundamentals of all the companies involved to identify the three best investments to capitalize on this explosion in U.S. shale oil recovery.
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Three Stocks Set to Surf the Silver Boom
As investors cope with the messages of tapering from the Federal Reserve Chairs, the precious metals industry has been on the chopping block - making now the best time ever for a contrarian investment. We've drilled down through the economic research to identify the best bet for astronomical gains and laid out three surefire ways to profit as the Silver Boom gets underway.
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How to Invest Like a Hedge Fund Billionaire
Hedge funds employ some of the most complex and technical trading strategies on Wall Street to lead their investors to astronomical profits. And we've drilled down through their reports and records to identify the strategies and, more importantly, the energy stocks that are filling hedge funds' coffers with millions of dollars.
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The 10 Must-Own Energy Stocks of 2015
You may not realize this, but there are five - not one, two or three but five - major catalysts creating huge profit opportunities in energy right now. So we've poured through each of these evolving trends and selected the only stocks you need to get ahead of the shale boom, LNG exports, and more...
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Income Reports

The Top 5 High-Yield Dividends to End Them All
These super-high-yielding dividends were my best-kept secret... but I just can't keep quiet any longer. Not only are they way above the yield of the average stock in the S&P 500, they're virtually bulletproof investments and proven to stand the test of hard financial times. Sound too good to be true? Think again...
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Dogs of the Dow - Ten Dividend Stocks for 2015
Following the Dogs of the Dow is one of the most-touted strategies on Wall Street, but there’s a heap of misinformation surrounding it. This report will give you the real scoop on the fundamental keys to making this strategy work and show you ways to maximize dividend yield without overpaying.
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These KILLER dividend stocks make 2015 the year for MAX yield and SAFE investing:
Don't put your money at risk, make it work for you - safely, reliably and profitably - with these 10 dividend gems of 2014. This is a huge year for massive cash payouts. Get in on the action, as well as discover the 7 key steps to earning max yield in a zero-interest world. Here's how...
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5 Mid-Cap Growth Stars That Pack a Punch
Mid-cap companies have the best of both worlds: They've attained a higher level of stability, but it's likely that they're still in their high-growth phase, too. Mid caps also boast reasonable valuations and dividend growth. Are we asking for too much? Apparently not, because we've discovered five mid caps with all of these qualities. So, without further ado, here are our top five mid-cap growth stars...
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Politics Reports

From Policy to Profit: How You Can Double Your Money Along With Congress
Let's face it-there's no such thing as a guarantee in the stock market. But we've got the next best thing. It's called political intelligence-and we will tell you all about it in this free report. Start raking in huge profits just like members of Congress-it's easier than you think. Full Story >>

Defending the Cybersphere: And Cashing in on Cyber Security
Today, cyber terrorism has become the greatest threat to our nation. Consequently, the government is flooding billions of confidential dollars into the Department of Defense Cyber Security Unit. We decided to follow the money trail, and at the end we discovered an unbelievable profit opportunity. Full Story >>


Tech Reports

The Arms Race For Graphene Is Officially On
It's been dubbed the "wonder material of the 21st century." And the scientists who discovered it won a Nobel Prize. It boasts incredible properties, and its potential applications are limitless. We're talking about graphene – and companies around the world are locked in an intense race to add it to their products. Full Story >>

How to Harness the Entire Tech Sector with These 5 ETFs
Let's face it, a truly diversified portfolio needs a healthy amount of tech exposure. But for average investors, finding the "next big thing" is like shooting darts. And investing in blue-chip tech companies is far too expensive to be worthwhile. So what's an investor to do? Full Story >>

5 Critical Benchmarks for Biotech Investing
That one stock you can retire on... It's every investor's Holy Grail. And year after year, those searching invest in biotechnology - and find it. How? By setting very high standards. Look, investing in biotechnology is a science all its own. If you aren't careful, you're liable to lose your shirt. But you don't have to be a doctor or a licensed broker to hit the next 10-bagger.
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