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Want to Save the World? Get Off Your Ass!

By David Dittman - Dec 1, 2016

Ultimately, it may not matter what amazing innovations we create in the next millennia, because unless we shape up, we won’t be around long enough to enjoy them.

Holiday Shopping

The Rational Shopper’s List for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

By David Dittman - Nov 23, 2016

With the holidays upon us, we steer you toward innovative products that aren’t just cool, they’ll also save you money and time at the checkout line.


Shocking Twist in the Theranos Fraud Story

By David Dittman - Nov 18, 2016

The case of fraud-ridden blood-testing startup Theranos took another twist this week with the shocking disclosure of the whistleblower on the company’s wrongdoing.

Global Warming

Why the Paris Climate Change Agreement Means Nothing

By David Dittman - Nov 4, 2016

Is the Paris climate change agreement too little too late? The science seems to confirm that no matter what we do, the damage is done. Global warming may be irreversible.


The Internet: An Invisible Battleground

By David Dittman - Oct 21, 2016

We live our lives online — from work to banking to social media to shopping. But could the internet also be our burial ground? Hackers across the world threaten our security every day. So how do we defend ourselves while preserving the sanctity of the World Wide Web?


Cyberwarfare: Assessing 21st-Century Security Threats

By David Dittman - Oct 20, 2016

Warfare in the 21st century is fought on land, at sea, and in the air. It’s also contested in cyberspace.


How Do We Fight the “Forever War”?

By David Dittman - Oct 6, 2016

The United States has been at war almost continuously since its founding 240 years ago. There’s no reason to expect anything but more of the same.


Genetically Optimized vs. Genetically Modified Organisms

By David Dittman - Sep 27, 2016

Will Monsanto weaponize the highly advanced gene-editing technology it’s just licensed? Or are its purposes, as they say, entirely benevolent?


There’s Gold in Them Thar Spacecraft

By David Dittman - Sep 22, 2016

Gold is well-known for protecting investors and their portfolios. But it can do so much more. Like protect astronauts and their spacecraft.

Food & Beverage

Restaurant Stocks: Why These Investments Boast “100-Bagger” Potential

By Wall Street Daily Research - Sep 20, 2016

While many restaurant companies are enduring a tough time right now, their economics are still sound — and their stocks offer truly outstanding investment potential.


How to Become a Millionaire… Using Other People’s Money

By Wall Street Daily Research - Sep 19, 2016

We bring you the story of Rankin Hodgins – a simple man from humble beginnings who managed to turn $200,000 into $6.6 million… without ever adding to his account.


Sun Hydraulics: Shattering the Morass of Middle Management

By David Dittman - Sep 15, 2016

It’s time to end the mediocre middle-management structure and put that manpower to work in more valuable positions. One company is on the right track…