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Artificial Intelligence

Three Sentences That Will Blow Your Mind

By David Dittman - Sep 23, 2016

Humans, computers… what’s the difference anymore? We dive into the world of healthcare, artificially intelligent robotics, and space travel.

Gene Editing

Gene Editing: Do We Want Designer Babies?

By David Dittman - Sep 21, 2016

Advances in gene editing technology, including the CRISPR/Cas9 system, raise fascinating questions about medicine, bioethics and how to use technology to improve the species.

Space Travel

Space Travel: We’re Going to Mars by 2035

By David Dittman - Sep 16, 2016

When Elon Musk’s Falcon 9 exploded on the launchpad recently, it was only a relatively minor setback for the major moves being made toward groundbreaking space exploration. NASA and other hopefuls have their sights set on Mars by 2035.

Cancer Treatment

Cancer “Smoke Detector” – Revolutionary or Bogus?

By David Dittman - Sep 13, 2016

On the merits of new cancer research from Swansea University, which suggests that scientists have found a “smoke detector” for cancer.

Healthcare Technology

Theranos: The Rise and Fall of an Empire of Lies

By David Dittman - Sep 9, 2016

We recount the story of Theranos. A blood-testing technology that was “full of holes,” yet still managed to acquire a $9 billion valuation – and why that has up on guard about the new “smoke detector for cancer.”


Welcome to the Next Wave of Robotic Surgery

By David Dittman - Sep 8, 2016

As the robotic revolution continues, we discuss how robots are saving human lives in surgery, and look at the companies that are front-and-center of this growing industry.

Solar Power

Is Going Green Going Up in Smoke?

By David Dittman - Sep 7, 2016

Solar power may be a hot commodity, but it’s going cold on the market. Find out why going green has never been cheaper.


Is Senescence the Key to Defeating Disease and Achieving Immortality?

By David Dittman - Sep 6, 2016

Is human immortality really achievable? The solution boils down to senescence — which is key to defeating cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s… and aging.

Virtual Reality

Why Pokémon GO Has the Power to Save Lives

By David Dittman - Sep 2, 2016

What may look like an absurd fad may actually be the future of humanity’s well-being. Find out why Pokémon GO might save lives.

Food and Beverage

Monsanto: The Evil (and Good) of This Food Industry Heavyweight

By David Dittman - Sep 1, 2016

Is Monsanto really the “evil” company it’s portrayed to be? We look at its role in the GMO field and the drive to redesign the food industry’s systems and processes.


BrainSonix: Revolutionary Technology Shows How to Bring a Brain Back to Life

By David Dittman - Aug 31, 2016

Forget Frankenstein’s monster… this breakthrough technology brought a man out of a coma using only sound – and has the potential to do so much more.

Renewable Energy

Weird Science: How to Turn Carbon Dioxide Into Renewable Biofuel

By David Dittman - Aug 30, 2016

Carbon dioxide is vital to life… but it’s also a significant greenhouse gas. However, scientists have found a way to turn it into a renewable biofuel.