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Long-Term Bonds Are a Huge Value Trap

By Martin Hutchinson - Jun 21, 2016

As income-oriented investors continue to scramble to find decent yields, many are being enticed towards long-term bonds. Don’t be one of them…

Dividend Investing

Hunting for Income Among Bank Stocks

By Martin Hutchinson - Jun 14, 2016

Investors searching for income are increasingly turning to banks, but not all banks represent a sound investment…

Real Estate

The Evolution of the Marketplace: From the Mall to the Internet

By Sarah Adler - Jun 11, 2016

Take a closer look at the many dimensions of the commercial real estate crisis and the effects of the Great Recession on the retail industry with Managing Editor Sarah Adler.


Avoid Leverage When Looking for REITs

By Martin Hutchinson - Jun 7, 2016

As the price of oil fell, MLPs were devastated, leaving income investors with few alternatives. Martin Hutchinson discusses real estate REITs, noting two to avoid and one to buy.

Real Estate

The Coming Commercial Real Estate Bust

By Alan Gula - Jun 6, 2016

Store closings and consolidations are curtailing demand for retail space far and wide. Alan Gula examines just how much online shopping has affected brick-and-mortar stores.

High Yield

New ETF Offers Investors a High-Yield Haven

By Alan Gula - May 16, 2016

With high yields hard to find, unloved government bonds could actually be one of the most attractive options – especially with this simple way to invest in them.


It’s Time to Bargain Hunt in the Midstream MLP Space

By David Dittman - May 14, 2016

Global Markets Analyst Martin Hutchinson assesses the crude oil market and identifies emerging high-yield opportunities among midstream master limited partnerships.


MLPs Looking Better With Oil in the $40s

By Martin Hutchinson - May 10, 2016

With oil prices starting to recover, it's time to consider MLPs again.

High Yield

Executing the Sleeping Beauty Strategy

By Martin Hutchinson - May 4, 2016

Martin Hutchinson explains how to use the Sleeping Beauty strategy to preserve your wealth.


A Stark Lesson From the SunEdison Collapse

By Martin Hutchinson - Apr 26, 2016

In light of SunEdison filing for bankruptcy, Martin Hutchinson examines the dangers of yield cos.

Dividend Investing

As Earnings Slow, More Dividend Stocks Become Traps

By Martin Hutchinson - Apr 19, 2016

Dividend payments are becoming less secure, but solid income plays can still be found, albeit mostly at high prices.

Dividend Aristocrats

Beat Tax and Funny Money With This Dividend Aristocrat

By Martin Hutchinson - Apr 13, 2016

As we approach April 15, many income investors are noticing just how high their tax payments mount up.