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Dividend ETFs

Dividends Are Cool Again

By Tim Maverick - Jun 20, 2016

In a world of negative interest rates, Tim Maverick takes a look at the most promising dividend ETFs.

Mutual Funds

When Funds Are Better Than Stocks

By Carl Delfeld - Jun 16, 2016

Carl Delfeld breaks down investing in beaten-down markets using funds – making maximum profits out of “maximum pessimism.”


A Closer Look at the Risks and Rewards of Crowdfunding

By Tim Maverick - Jun 13, 2016

Thanks to the advent of crowdfunding, the average person can now invest in start-ups... but at what risk? Tim Maverick explains.


Twilio’s IPO: Hot or Not?

By Louis Basenese - Jun 13, 2016

With the IPO market struggling mightily in 2016, we look at the upcoming debut of tech firm Twilio, weigh up the company’s pros and cons, and give our verdict.


Could Twilio Spark a Stronger IPO Market?

By Louis Basenese - Jun 2, 2016

While 2016 has proved very slow for the IPO market so far, history shows that the summer months don’t necessarily promise more of the same. And this company could kickstart an upswing.


How to Use Mutual Funds and ETFs

By Carl Delfeld - May 27, 2016

Special Correspondent Carl Delfeld explains when to use mutual funds versus when to use ETFs, and which types of portfolios each are suited for.

Specialty Funds

Lending Club Troubles Show Why P2P Doesn’t Work

By Martin Hutchinson - May 17, 2016

Using Lending Club as an example, Martin Hutchinson explains why investors should avoid P2P lending.


Invest Now! European Stocks Hit New Low

By Tim Maverick - Apr 12, 2016

In the first quarter of 2016, European stocks have fallen to their lowest value in over a decade. But are they cheap enough to make you rich?

Closed-End Funds

Closed-End Fund Craziness

By Alan Gula - Mar 28, 2016

Closed-end fund (CEF) prices are often irrational. Don’t follow the herd into CEFs with inflated premiums to net asset value.

Private Equity

Tear Down This Wall

By Carl Delfeld - Mar 13, 2016

Carl Delfeld explains how to get past the “Iron Curtain” separating individual investors from the privileged.


Avoid the Siren Call of Index Funds

By Tim Maverick - Feb 29, 2016

The success of index funds has been largely based on a flood of money from the fed to the market. Now a former fed official warns about index funds.


New Trend-Following Fund Limits Your Downside

By Alan Gula - Feb 29, 2016

A new ETF uses the 200-day simple moving average to automate a trend-following strategy and minimize your downside risk.