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2016 Presidential Election

Presidential Election: Who Benefits Most From the “Establishment’s” Status Quo?

By David Dittman - Oct 25, 2016

In two weeks, Americans go to the polls to elect a new president. But does the outcome really matter? We look at the “establishment machine” and who benefits most from its stranglehold on power.


Robotics: Germ-Zappers Are Saving Lives

By David Dittman - Oct 24, 2016

Each day, roughly 200 people in the United States die from infections they pick up in hospital, rather than from their original ailments. But one startup is looking to put a stop to these avoidable cases with this ever-growing technology.


The Internet: An Invisible Battleground

By David Dittman - Oct 21, 2016

We live our lives online — from work to banking to social media to shopping. But could the internet also be our burial ground? Hackers across the world threaten our security every day. So how do we defend ourselves while preserving the sanctity of the World Wide Web?


Cyberwarfare: Assessing 21st-Century Security Threats

By David Dittman - Oct 20, 2016

Warfare in the 21st century is fought on land, at sea, and in the air. It’s also contested in cyberspace.


Superbugs: How Antibiotic-Resistant Bugs Are Killing Mankind

By David Dittman - Oct 19, 2016

The over-prescription of antibiotics has not resulted in a more proficient human race but, rather, more diseases for which antibiotics no longer work. We are headed for an epidemic without an antidote... unless we act fast.

Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear Weapons: Is the United States About to Shift Policy on “No First Use”?

By David Dittman - Oct 18, 2016

Three weeks from the general election, we look at a potential change to the “No-First-Use” nuclear weapons policy – a decision that would reverse a guiding principle in place since World War II.

Artificial Intelligence

White House Prepares for Rise of the Machines

By David Dittman - Oct 17, 2016

At long last, the White House is paying attention to the rise of the robots. At a recent conference, our government finally keyed into what AI means for the future of America.

Space Travel

Mad Russian Plans New Satellite-Based Nation-State

By David Dittman - Oct 14, 2016

Forget Canada. If you’re seeking refuge from this year’s election circus, one mad Russian scientist is close to creating civilization… in space.


Marijuana’s Active Ingredient Makes You Smarter

By David Dittman - Oct 13, 2016

It’s been nearly a century since Reefer Madness — but has the negative stigma of marijuana use hindered us from making major scientific breakthroughs? Could it actually make us smarter?


Autophagy: How “Self-Cleaning” Cells Are Key to Curing Disease

By David Dittman - Oct 12, 2016

Understanding how cells work is critical for treating and curing diseases — and this Japanese scientist just won the Nobel Prize for his discoveries in one of the hottest areas of biotech: self-cleaning cells.


Water: Why the Future of Mankind Hinges on Desalination

By David Dittman - Oct 11, 2016

More than 70% of Earth is covered with water. But more than 95% of that is infused with salt. We need more of the potable variety. What do we do when we’ve pushed Mother Nature to the brink? We adapt.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: The Race Is On to Smarten Our Cars

By David Dittman - Oct 10, 2016

According to Lux Research, self-driving cars will represent an $87 billion opportunity by 2030. But it won’t happen without this critical technology.