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Shelley Goldberg

Senior Correspondent

Shelley Goldberg is a macroeconomic strategist, trader, and investment advisor for multi-asset top-down portfolio managers. She has served in the capital markets on both the sell and buy side for over 25 years, with sector expertise in global resources, commodities and infrastructure, and environmental sustainability. Shelley has served as a hedge fund manager for her own fund – G3 Capital Partners, LLC - and a fund-of funds manager for Union Bancaire Priveé, a Swiss private bank. She has also served as a trading and investments strategist for Brevan Howard Asset Management LLP, a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund manager, and for Roubini Global Economics. While her asset management allocation focus has been predominantly in liquid products, she has transitioned into venture capital and private equity strategies specifically related to clean tech and plastics pollution with an emphasis on double-bottom line initiatives. She serves as the CIO of Think Beyond Plastic, which invests in and accelerates businesses that address plastic pollution. She is also Chairman of the Board of Advisors of Highland Light Management Corp., an environmental oil and gas technology business. Shelley is a frequent writer, speaker, and panelist at industry conferences, and is regularly featured as an expert commentator on television and online segments.

February 2016

Puerto Rico Cries Wolf (Again)

By - February 4, 2016

Puerto Rico’s debt crisis is coming to a head. Will Congress help the struggling territory, or will the Puerto Rican government default?

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