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Martin Hutchinson

World Banking Analyst

For 27 years, Martin Hutchinson was an international merchant banker in London, New York, and Zagreb. He ran derivatives platforms for two European banks before serving as director of a Spanish venture capital company, advisor to the Korean company Sunkyong, and chairman of a U.S. modular building company. In Zagreb, he established the Croatian debt capital markets, set up the corporate finance operations of Privredna Banka Zagreb, and arranged for the monetization of 800,000 frozen Macedonian foreign currency savings accounts. He has been a financial journalist for over 14 years, and is the author of Great Conservatives and co-author of Alchemists of Loss, which details the causes and consequences of the 2008 financial crash. He currently publishes a weekly column called The Bear’s Lair, in which he comments on the economy and market. He is also a correspondent for Reuters’ BreakingViews. Martin has a first class Honors Degree from Trinity College Cambridge and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

July 2015

The Philippines: A Safe Haven for Investors

By - July 2, 2015

With a balanced budget and minimal reliance on monetary stimulus, the Philippines could offer investors long-term value.

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Take Advantage of Volatility, Real and Implied

By - July 1, 2015

Martin Hutchinson explains the benefits of selling options at a high implied volatility level. Learn more about this strategy…

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