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Robert Williams

Robert Williams

Founder and Publisher

In addition to once being a full-time trader of equities and equity derivatives, Robert has also served as the lead financial analyst for a Forbes top-50 private corporation and as an analyst for an institution whose endowment is among the largest in the world.

Robert has been profiled in such books as Trade with Passion and Purpose and Alexander Green’s The Secret of Shelter Island. He’s also featured in Karim Rahemtulla’s bestselling book, Where in the World Should I Invest?

Robert is regarded as an authority in corporate finance, specifically in gauging the investment health of companies.

August 2014

New App to Trigger Armageddon for Email?

By - August 27, 2014

The new Slack app is being touted as the death of email – but it won't be as much of a game changer as some think...

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Why We’re Pitting Stocks Against Vintage Cars

By - August 26, 2014

I just pitted the stock market against luxury-vintage cars since 1971. The results were nothing short of spectacular...

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Why are These Tech Giants Meeting in Secret?

By - August 20, 2014

Technology companies are currently vying for the opportunity to turn NYC's 7,000-plus payphones into free Wi-Fi hotspots.

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The Biggest Scourge on the Tech Industry

By - August 19, 2014

A patent infringement lawsuit was recently filed against a well-known celebrity. You'll never guess how he responded...

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Haystack App Creating Chaos in Boston

By - August 11, 2014

Haystack is among the most disruptive forces that Boston has ever had to endure. Here's why it's causing such an uproar.

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