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Louis Basenese

Chief Technology Analyst, Wall Street Daily

A former Wall Street consultant, Louis Basenese helped direct over $1 billion in institutional capital before co-founding Wall Street Daily, where he served as Chief Investment Strategist. Louis' tenure at the helm of Wall Street Daily was highlighted by a seemingly endless series of double- and triple-digit winners for subscribers. Distinguished for an unmatched ability to spot profit opportunities early, it’s no wonder Louis is a frequent guest on CNBC. Louis is now the Founder and Chief Analyst at Disruptive Tech Research – an independent equity research firm, focusing exclusively on disruptive technology investments. Ever the contrarian, Louis' investment philosophy can be summed up by the words of Humphrey B. Neill: "When everybody thinks alike, everyone is likely to be wrong."

May 2015

Who Needs Words When We Have Videos?

By - May 22, 2015

We look at two remarkable pieces of technology that underline the outstanding opportunities in robotics and driverless cars.

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Driverless Cars’ Biggest Roadblock Is… People

By - May 22, 2015

With Google’s driverless cars set to hit California’s streets, the firm’s biggest challenge remains convincing consumers of the concept.

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Reiterating Our “Buys” on These Two Stocks

By - May 20, 2015

Louis and Greg dive into how Google’s driverless cars affect two of our recommended companies.

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Hopelessly Addicted! Feeding our Mobile Dependence

By - May 15, 2015

The May Issue of Digital Fortunes is now online!

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Virtual Reality Therapy Wows Stroke Victims

By - May 12, 2015

If you think virtual reality is just for gamers and pilots, think again. Here’s how the technology is being used to help stroke victims.

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Action to Take: Time to Buy More of This Stock

By - May 8, 2015

Here’s why the time is right for us to “average down” and buy more of this stock.

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FDA Approves Disruptive Medical Device

By - May 7, 2015

As revolutionary innovation goes, it doesn’t get much better than this – a device that stops severe bleeding in just 20 seconds.

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A Crucial Reminder of Why We Diversify

By - May 6, 2015

A big post-earnings drop for this cyber security firm this week just underlined the importance of diversifying when it comes to investing in big tech trends.

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A “White-Hot” Opportunity

By - May 1, 2015

Excellent quarterly results for these two companies have underscored the wisdom of our investments in their industry ETFs.

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