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Louis Basenese

Chief Technology Analyst, Wall Street Daily

A former Wall Street consultant, Louis Basenese helped direct over $1 billion in institutional capital before co-founding Wall Street Daily, where he served as Chief Investment Strategist. Louis' tenure at the helm of Wall Street Daily was highlighted by a seemingly endless series of double- and triple-digit winners for subscribers. Distinguished for an unmatched ability to spot profit opportunities early, it’s no wonder Louis is a frequent guest on CNBC. Louis is now the Founder and Chief Analyst at Disruptive Tech Research – an independent equity research firm, focusing exclusively on disruptive technology investments. Ever the contrarian, Louis' investment philosophy can be summed up by the words of Humphrey B. Neill: "When everybody thinks alike, everyone is likely to be wrong."

March 2015

Unstoppable Mobile Trend Fuels Endless Growth

By - March 27, 2015

Our relentless mobile addiction means data usage is exploding. That’s why these firms are critical – and their growth curve is endless.

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Action to Take: Lock in a Guaranteed Win on This Stock

By - March 25, 2015

We’re up 24% on this stock in just 30 days. So we’re changing our stop…

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Three Roadblocks to a Driverless Car Future

By - March 23, 2015

A driverless car future is en route… but there are three roadblocks to overcome before this bold prediction from Elon Musk is realized.

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By - March 20, 2015

We have two new recommendations this month, as we expand our portfolio…

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Elon Musk Just Validated Our Forecast… and Stock Pick

By - March 18, 2015

There's nothing like getting validation on a trend or company from a highly respected source. In this case, we got validation on both the trend and one of the companies we're invested in.

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Follow Goldman’s Lead

By - March 13, 2015

As bullish signs go, it doesn’t get much better than Goldman Sachs piling into one of our recommendations… and issuing an upgrade on the stock. That’s exactly just what happened.

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Up 11% in Two Weeks

By - March 11, 2015

Overall, we're sitting on an 11% gain since our entry on February 23.

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What to Expect From the Apple Watch Launch

By - March 9, 2015

The long-awaited Apple Watch is finally here. Apple will officially launch its smart watch today. Here’s what to expect from the unveiling.

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Back in the Black on This Stock

By - March 6, 2015

Rather than panic with everyone else, I encouraged you to buy more on the weakness.

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Three Reasons Why the Nasdaq Will Hit a Record

By - March 6, 2015

The Nasdaq just cracked 5,000 for the first time in 15 years. But will the rally continue, or is it another dot-com-style bubble?

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Full Speed Ahead for Autonomous Driving

By - March 4, 2015

Shares of our most recent recommendation have come under a bit of selling pressure this week. But don’t let this fool you…

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