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Louis Basenese

Chief Technology Analyst, Wall Street Daily

A former Wall Street consultant, Louis Basenese helped direct over $1 billion in institutional capital before co-founding Wall Street Daily, where he served as Chief Investment Strategist. Louis' tenure at the helm of Wall Street Daily was highlighted by a seemingly endless series of double- and triple-digit winners for subscribers. Distinguished for an unmatched ability to spot profit opportunities early, it’s no wonder Louis is a frequent guest on CNBC. Louis is now the Founder and Chief Analyst at Disruptive Tech Research – an independent equity research firm, focusing exclusively on disruptive technology investments. Ever the contrarian, Louis' investment philosophy can be summed up by the words of Humphrey B. Neill: "When everybody thinks alike, everyone is likely to be wrong."

July 2015

Only a Fool Would Bet Against This Trend

By - July 29, 2015

Analysts and investors have made a big mistake by selling off cyber security stocks. And with the sector rallying, they’re piling back in. That’s great news for this stock.

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A Bright Spot Amongst the Chaos in China

By - July 29, 2015

China has been in a bloodbath lately, but there’s still opportunity amidst the carnage for investors who know where to look.

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Raise Your Stop on This Stock (Again)

By - July 23, 2015

We’re raising our trailing stop on this stock yet again… thereby locking in a gain of at least 44%.

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This High-Value, High-Growth Tech Stock is Perfect for a Volatile Market

By - July 17, 2015

The July issue of Digital Fortunes is now online!

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Small-Cap Stocks Set to Resume Their Rally

By - July 14, 2015

While the media focuses on doom-and-gloom headlines about Greece and China, we show you where to invest if you want post-crisis profits.

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Cruising to New Highs

By - July 11, 2015

Despite the market’s recent woes, this stock continues to rack up new highs. And a new forecast from a previous doubter implies a surge of 200% within five years.

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Stop Loss Triggered on This Chip Stock

By - July 8, 2015

As macroeconomic concerns drag the market down, semiconductor stocks are suffering. But our prudent strategy has saved us on this one.

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The Best Response to Today’s Greek Tragedy

By - July 1, 2015

As the Greek default debacle rumbles on, we assess the impact of the situation on the stock market - and give you the best strategy to combat it.

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