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Mike Huckabee – President?

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  1. Bill Anderson says:

    Floyd every time I see Mike Huckabee on TV the same thing keeps coming into my head. Why isn’t this man the President of the USA.

    Would give anything to see him in the White House.

    Bill Anderson


  2. Harley says:

    Possibly, however in 2008 he came in behind both John McCain and Mitt Romney so I have a hard time with your “spoiler alert”. I’m worried that Hillary Clinton may decide to run.


  3. jean kruse says:

    As for Mike Huckabee, his support for Common Core takes him out of the running for me, especially after his comment if people don’t like it just change its name.


    Ronald Davis Reply:

    Mike Huckabee saw that his Fox audience did not like Common Core so he tried to qualify his support. Sadly, Mike was misinformed like almost everyone by saying Quote” It was conceived and controlled by elected governors and state school chiefs to keep the federal hands from interfering”
    Bill Ayers and Obama are the actual creators of Common core>


    Katherine Reply:

    Jean said it for me. Just finishing “Conform” by Glenn Beck and the education system is a mess and Common Core only will worsen the status.


  4. Lou Ellen Brown says:

    It had not occurred to me exactly as you have expressed this, but after reading it I saw how clearly it fit with my own opinion. I concur that Mike Huckabee or a person of the same persuasions would be just what is needed to fix our current separation, and we are truly a “House divided.”
    Thanks for the eye opener.


  5. Priscilla Sieckman says:

    Yes but does he abide and uphold the Constitution??


    greg aldridge Reply:



  6. SuzeTx says:

    Oops! Apparently the staff censors do not want to hear opposing arguments.



    Why is it that being a nice guy is also viewed as being weak? In today’s age, with the excessive amount of idiots and ignorant people everywhere. It takes a strong person to still remain the “nice guy”. Mike Huckabee should have been elected president in 08′. We might not have as much of a mess that we’re in.


  8. Linda says:

    I agree that Mike Huckabee is EXACTLY what this country needs to bring us back together. I have been a HUGE supporter since 2007 and am optimistic about a Huckabee presidency in 2016!


  9. vicky says:

    Yes, he seems like he’d be fun to have a beer with, but he’s a reactionary right-winger with little common sense or ability to deal with other countries, much less the domestic issues facing us, and the American people have had enough of that.


  10. HYMN says:

    In direct response to the title of the article, in a word,Bullsh-t !


  11. RH Luther says:

    He would be a refreshing change to what we have now, at least he’s true to America and not traitorous and terrorist supportive. Most important he believes in God.


  12. Joan says:

    Why are you not considering Dr. Ben Carson?


  13. ahm ar says:

    I’ve liked him since he was the governor of Arkansas. His ideals and mannerism of politics is a breath of fresh air and I wouldn’t want anyone but him as our 2016 presidential nominee.


  14. greg aldridge says:

    I hope and pray mike Huckabee will
    have the white house as his home on
    January 20 2017 under article 2 section 1
    he will abide by that oath American
    expetionalisum will be under a Huckabee
    administration please run please
    be the nominee and win


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