The Plot Thickens in Common Core State Standards Controversy

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  1. chris says:

    I actually went to a meeting on inBloom and the opening joke was about how they would like to collect data, on everyone, from WOMB to TOMB. This joke was met with icy stares as we were a room full of educational IT directors and we understand exactly what collecting data means. The minute the speaker left we all talked about how chilling that opening statement was…it wasn’t a joke at all, it was far too Orwellian to be funny.


    Sheila Kaplan Reply:

    Thanks for being truthful about a bad idea.

    Maybe bloomers are demographically young (post 1984 readers) & rapidly morphed into entrenched data immersion because that’s where the money is. Companies brag about exploiting data as a selling feature. Not just in education. Marketing.

    Information about children is being misused & this is just the beginning.


  2. poppop says:

    and every one thought the movies in the Matrix series was just fictional fantasy. well APPARENTLY NOT !! the notion of privacy today , is only what you keep in your heads….for now !


  3. John H says:

    I went to Catholic school and the nuns would warn us about things going on our “permanent record.” But this is just ridiculous.


  4. bj says:

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  5. bj says:

    excellent article


  6. DLL says:

    It’s pretty simple, but subversive… If they can “capture” the hearts and minds of children, in their formative years, usually before age 13, they pretty much have them.

    Statistically, you have formed most of your moral and ethical “norms” internally by age 12.

    Multiple studies have shown this, even showing that immigrants who arrive in the US before age 12 are much more likely to adopt our “norms” rather than those of their homeland.

    This is nothing short of not only capturing their hearts and minds, but also as many data points on them as possible for predictive analytics. Orwellian doesn’t begin to cover it…


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