IRS Targeting Sweeping the Nation

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  1. Find out the real truth about the ‘Federal Income Tax’


  2. Diane W. says:

    One more reason to abolish the IRS. I’m an advocate of the Fair Tax Act because it totally gets rid of the IRS. I hope Americans will read about the tax on The Flat Tax would be better than what we have now, but we would still have IRS idiots. If you’re thinking de-throning all of them would cause a big surge in unemployment, they could be used to investigate all the welfare and Medicaid fraud and how about those 3 million Federal employees that owe back taxes???


    Frank R Reply:

    FAIRTAX is the answer. Not flat tax. Flat tax keeps the IRS and keeps corporate income tax which causes our products to be expensive to us and the world. The government does not need to know how much money you make. If you buy something, you pay tax. Corruption is out and the rich pay there share too. NO MORE CORRUPT IRS! Demand the FAIRTAX!


  3. Charles Dewald says:

    I agree 100% with the notion to abolish the IRS. We need a much more simplified taxing method and reduced rate. If we streamline the federal government to the size and shape recommended by our founding fathers, there is no need fo such a hugh tax burden. We don’t need the EPA to drown our businesses in regulations that seem to eminate from Washington endlessly.

    The Department of Energy can also be eliminated as they haven’t performed the job they were intended to do, less dependence on foreign oil. What a boondoggle that was created by Pres Carter.

    The Constitutional Convention amongst the states as proposed aby Mr. Mark Levin is a very brilliant idea that must be implemented. Please support that avenue to reduce the size and scope of the Federal Government.


  4. TIMedWork says:

    It is clear to see that the IRS does not serve their employers, the American People. Just a nickel shy of having an embezzling employee. Confusing the books to they can get away with long term shifting of funds, until no one knows what ever happened. Such abuse of the American trust should be criminal. To think that this organization will be empowered with all know data about every American is nauseating. When an agency has lost the public trust, as has this one, it is clear to see… it does. no longer, serve the American People. Like any other bad employee, it is time for it to go.


  5. BenDoubleCrossed says:

    9-9-9 anyone?


  6. Deborah says:

    I totally agree that income tax should be a simple, flat rate–not this overgrown, horrific quagmire of laws and not-so-ethical people that no one can adequately comprehend. The tyrannical rule of the IRS is extremely overdue for obliteration. It is time for the American people–whose taxes run this country–to demand better representation and not to stop those demands until they are fulfilled.


  7. nobody says:

    0-0-0 is more like it


  8. Don says:

    Where I live, lawyers are advertising on TV that they can get you out of paying the full amount of your back taxes.

    Their ad’s say that you have to owe at least $10,000 for them to help you.
    Only people that make a lot of money would owe that much taxes unless the owe for several years.

    I believe one example was a person that owed more than $40,000 and only had to pay $1400.

    So how does the IRS let them get by with this kind of tax evasion?


  9. Robert says:

    The IRS should be abolished jn favor of a flat tax where Republicans, Democrats, Liberals Conservatives, and Tea Party candidates all pay the same amount of taxes and there would be no scandal of targeting and by the way the scandal isn’t phony of fake as Obama tries to say and I also say again Obama should be impeached for treason.


    R T Poet Reply:

    Flat tax is a fraud nothing but a distraction
    It actually changes nothing as the IRS
    is still in charge and all the corruption
    and cronyism will still exist – don’t be
    fooled into supporting that. The only
    way to correct the problems and restore
    the economy and the true free enterprise
    system is HR 25 the Fair Tax Bill.
    Go to: and learn what
    will work fairly and properly


  10. Well ! Golly Gee Whiz!!! We just might have to go back to paying with cash ! Horrors ! No more 26% interest on every payment you make with a credit card! What is this world coming to?


    Gary Reply:

    Hey, Nancy,

    I haven’t used a credit card in ten years – AND IT FEELS SOOO GOOOD!


    George Morgan Reply:

    Well , ‘ gee whiz ‘ ; in my business , I spend close to $5000.00 a month , using credit cards , and I have yet to pay the first dollar in interest .


  11. Frank Keller says:

    Here in Georgia, as in most states, our tax liabilities are: 1. Income Tax (Federal & State)
    2. Property Tax (School, County, City, &
    a small amount to the State)
    3. Sales Tax
    The primary problem with all three is what
    politicians (on all levels) have done with
    them since they were implemented.
    Whatever system of taxation freedom loving
    Americans desire has to be (SOMEHOW)
    protected from the caprice of politicians.


  12. joe banana says:

    Has anybody looked up the definition of EXTORTION lately? Income is defined as profits made by corporations, not personal wages. There is no “law” saying individuals have to pay an income tax. Income tax is supposed to be voluntary. The IRS is a crime syndicate.


    thomas stein Reply:

    that’s why the government rubed out the syndicate in the 60’s to take over the extortion business


  13. John says:

    Hi, the Flat-tax always turns into a progressive tax. What we need is the Over 30 million dollars was invested to study this program. It will bring 15 Trillion dollars, which is waiting off shore. It will reduce the tax code to 131 pages. It will allow the former IRS agents to go to work for the States so that the money can be collected as a value added tax. The drug dealers, and criminals who buy those nice cars, planes, boats, homes, etc. will finally be paying their share. Everyone will be getting a pre-bate of $900 a month, no matter what your income is. You like Chuck Norris? Check out what he has to say about the fair tax. It is our only hope to survive the current economic trends!


  14. jack soto says:

    let’s face facts o.k. per the ongoing IRS hearings, the ‘pussies’ in our national leadership (Dems and GOP) will not abolish their malevolence inciting/golden goose taxing system nor will they abolish their acquiescence conditioning hammer the IRS. Additionally, the majority in our national citizenry are too cowardly to commit IRS non compliance! The majority of us have forgotten ‘home of the brave’ we have become a bunch of sheep and the government and it’s subversive 16th/IRS know they have us under control. What’s the answer? ‘immediate IRS non compliance and participation in the planned 4/15/14 end of year filing boycott.! Hey, gun up, ammo up and man up. ‘Revolt’ is the remedy. R/S Jack Soto USMC ret.


    WALTER D. Owens Reply:

    Brother Jack Soto: Walt Owens’ I’m with you, Retired Navy Seabees’ Lets Show what we can do.


    Different Don Reply:

    I like that, instead of worrying about defunding Obamacare lets get the people to defund the entire Government. Then they will have a use for all of those empty FEMA Camps, but no money to pay guards to guard them.


  15. fantomnutt says:

    Flat tax is the only way to go. No exemptions, no deductions, no loop holes. Flat 10%. Everyone, and I mean everyone pays, whether you make $10 or $10 million. You will know what your take home will be every time. And the only way to raise the tax rate is a vote by the people at the Presidential elections ONLY. Also make Congress live within their income.


  16. R T Poet says:

    Hooyah – Jack Soto my man. Meanwhile support the FairTax Bill which
    will end the Evil IRS and the income tax system and its corruption and
    control of the congress. HR25 – the armor piercing bullet to deflate the
    tent which holds and promotes the means of serfdom for the American
    Republic – end slavery, return liberty and the exclusive right to ownership
    of private property which is your income from any source – that is what
    The American Revolution was about – Life. Liberty and the pursuit of wealth
    (Happiness) !!!’


  17. JennieWalsh says:

    To learn the HORRIBLE TRUTH about the ILLEGAL RACKETEERING organization known as the IRS, everyone in America MUST SEE: (type in) America, Freedom to Fascism
    Watch the entire video!


  18. Ibn Insha says:

    You cannot pursue liberty and happiness when big brother government is watching your every move. In order to have real happiness and prosperity I would suggest the following:

    Amend the constitution to take away the power of Congress to tax. Without that nothing is going to change or for long as the business of government’s tyranny will continue. Same should go for State and local governments. How government will fund itself? What about lottery? I am against gambling but in this case I am for it for it would be the ultimate liberty for people and it would be voluntary. All other forms of taxes, be it flat or sales tax, allows government to snoop on people and check their records for evidence of income or sales. Furthermore, people should be able to use whatever they want as currency, be it precious metals, grain, cattle or even dirt. It is their business. You cannot do that if you have to pay sales tax on these things.

    Eliminate all government programs such as food stamps, free housing, social security, medicare, medicaid, unemployment insurance, etc. You cannot control the expansion and abuse of these programs by the government for political purposes, therefore, it is better to just eliminate them altogether. Charity is a personal matter. You cannot be charitable with other people’s money.

    All government departments, except DOD and State Department, should be eliminated because they serve no purpose except to tyrannize and hinder in the progress of people.

    The above are just few suggestions to bring our government under control and give people the liberty that they deserve. I doubt that any of my suggestions would ever be implemented. At least not in my lifetime. But, I can always dream. That is one thing government cannot tax or control. Or may be it can and I am just being optimistic.


    L.Taylor Reply:

    Who was the bonehead that created this tax system anyway. He should be strung up by his ears. Taxes are discriminatory. They keep us slaves to labor. NO MOre TAXES!!!


  19. Glen Fields says:

    I see so much bashing of the IRS that it makes me wonder if anyone has a clue as to their importance of this agency. They are the people who are in charge of collecting revenues that are used to fund our government. I agree that the tax code is arcane and unfair. Congress is responsible for this and by deduction we the people ultimately share the blame in a democracy. Without a fair and simple tax code that does away with special interest deductions, the IRS is left to enforce a Tax code that boggles the mind of a reasonable person. I ran a small business for 40 years and have had many run-ins with the IRS. I have always been pleased with the courtesy and fairness of the people I dealt with and at no time was I treated unfairly. And I have overpaid my taxes, and the IRS has found this and refunded my over payment without me even having to ask. This has happened several times. As to the diligence of the IRS, do you want to pay for your government and have others not pay their share. I think the general dislike of the IRS is misplaced. It is only our collection agency. Have we become such a lawless country that we think tax cheats are heroes and not the criminals that they are.


  20. scotsblood5353 says:

    The Scots had the English, and the English had King George and the like, now we have Obama trying to squeeze “blood from a beet’. I am a fan of history and from what I’ve seen it always repeats itself. There will be a breaking point, and in this country we are not far from it. It is looming on the horizon, and the people will prevail(as usual). The scale will tip.


  21. David Thompson says:

    Two words , Fair Tax, This is the only way to abolish the I R S
    David Thompson


  22. L.Taylor says:

    As soon as you try to make sense of taxes, you lose all sense of truth.
    Taxes are an abominaton of Liberty. Why do I pay taxes on things I buy? Why isn’t the tax on only things I sell? What crooked thinking went into this kind of hustle? When I buy something, I am not in the mood to pay more than it is worth. But the tax on buying does that do me. Why isn’t the tax on the seller only. Why an income tax, on people working their butt off. Why not a payroll tax for the guy hiring my labor instead? Set me free from all taxes. It is economic slavery.


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