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The Biggest Government Lie in History?

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  1. Robert Morris says:

    Our money system has been held hostage by the Rothschild family since 1933. The creation of the Federal Reserve System was an illegal act promulgated by this corrupt scheme of David Rockefeller and the Jewish house of Rothschild. The American people’s gold had been sold to Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian and other Asian countries. Fort Knox is as empty as our political system is corrupt. The only person authorized to enter the vault at Fort Knox is the Secretary of the treasury. The gold belongs to the American people not some Jewish banking family.


    Ted Sharp Reply:

    Aw! Come on! Such thinking ought to have disappeared at about fifteen years ago. Except for the thought that our political system is corrupt and any gold in Fort Knox belongs to all of us. It ought to be a rule that sitting politicians be personally liable for any government deficit. Perhaps good financial order might then occur?


    Pat Finch Reply:

    Since when has any politician in Washington been personally liable for anything? There are no rules anymore, just lies.


    Marty Shnall Reply:

    That’s kind of bigoted don’t you think? Maybe you should have said “corrupt scheme of Christian David Rockefeller and the Jewish house of Rothschild”. People of all religions are involved in this nefarious scheme and they are the worst examples of their respective faiths. To blame a whole religion because of an immoral participant is pretty lame. If you are going to cast aspersions on religion at least be even handed about it.


    David in MA Reply:

    Some day when you have the time, read up on the House of Rothschild… kinda like Soros’s background.


    forward Reply:

    I didn’t see anywhere mentioned any religion… just that the Rothschilds were Jewish.


    Ken in GA Reply:

    After analyzing the comments above, the term Jewish is of the Judaism religion. So yes, using the term “Jewish” is referencing the religion of that family: no way around it… nor did it sound harmless. However, the term “banking” family was fine.
    After serving honorably 20 years in the U.S. military, and having no “religious” affiliations:
    I could see no value in using the term – except for a negative tone and personal bias toward the Jewish religion, which had no place without at least fair and equal distribution of all concerned.
    So which of the American people are supposed to have the gold referenced; as Americans would surely include the Canadians and Mexicans… and does that include if they’re Jewish?

    Trevor Reply:

    Not surprised to find antisemitism here.


  2. Louis says:

    Your phrase indicates to me that you think Fort knox is full of gold.
    “It would reportedly take 400 people, working full-time for six months, to test all the gold at Fort Knox for purity. It would cost at least $15 million, too. For me, that’s not a deterrent, though.”

    There may come a day when the U.S. government will have to revert to the methods used in 1933 to replenish the gold supply.

    As a Canadian I am skeptical that Fort knox has much gold if any.


  3. Anna G. says:

    There seems to be a lot more to this story than meets the eye. When the “Federal Reserve Bank,” a conglomerate of private bankers (and this bank has nothing to do with the Federal government) took over the issuance of the American currency, they also took control of Fort Knox. This had been the goal of these bankers since the beginning of the Republic. Now, under their control and devaluing the Dollar, the Federal Government needed to borrow money and raise the debt ceiling. The bankers were only too happy to comply, but asked to have the National Parks as collateral. They already had the gold. Of course, this was not publicized, and who was fleeced along the way: the American people. Congressman Ron Paul tried to wake the people up and introduced a bill to have the FED audited,but he did not get the support of the rest of our so called representatives and the bankers continue to debase the Dollar and with it the savings of every American. Once the Dollar loses the status of being the world’s Reserve Currency, inflation will kick in, the likes we have never seen here. The Media will not warn us. They are bought and controlled by the money. People need to open their eyes and ears and put that grey matter between their ears into overdrive. Many will be shocked what they can learn.


    Hayden Peters Reply:

    The misconception is that the FED handles the issuance of money and this is completely false. There is basically a firewall inherent in the system that keeps the control of physical quantities of money out of the hand of the FED and is solely in the hands of the Treasury. The FED actually operates in two ways one is through controlling the reserve requirement that is how much money banks must hold relative to the sum of its outstanding loans, and then through open market operations in the bond market, which is how it tries to control the money supply by buying or selling bonds therefore putting money in or taking it out of the economy.

    I don’t refute that there is no gold in fort knox but even if there wasn’t since we no longer follow the gold standard it would have no “real”(in the economic sense of the word) effect on the economy and would really only change what John Meynard Keynes described as animal spirits, or I, aka planned private investment.


  4. Richard says:

    The gold was cleaned out right after Nixon took the US off the gold standard. The 16th & 17th amendment to the US Constitution and the Federal Reserve acts were the start of the destruction of the US of A. It all got reall going with Nixon.


  5. Tim Canuck says:

    “As America goes, so goes the world!” And America is about to implode from lack of financial moral and ethical responsibility. This puts the responsibility for the welfare of the rest of humanity on the shoulders of Americans, and I don’t think they can handle that. After all, spending billions and more billions looking for another planet for us to live on is the biggest joke going! We won’t be going to Mars, or anywhere else. This is it! It’s all we have or will have.


    Ted Reply:

    if america goes other won’t . get this notion out of your head yankee


  6. eric swan says:

    The $15 million figure is absurd given that it would not be necessary to examine every bar. Statistically something like a 5% sample would do.

    But even $15 million would be pittance compared to what we are spending on less than useless weapons like the f35 fighter aircraft!


  7. Eddie G. says:

    Well, the Gatlin Brothers had a song that said all the gold in California is in a bank in Beverly Hills under somebody else’s name. With all the corruption in Washington from the White House and through the Congress it wouldn’t surprise me if Dirty Harry Reid has stolen a few bricks and has it sitting in a Vegas casino vault. Ditto for the unholy trinity of Boxer/Feinstein/Pelosi have stashed some Ft Knox gold in an Alcatraz dungeon. Of course there’s Obama the most corrupt of all having airlifted a few tons to Kenya where it sits in a deep cave. China no doubt has a good grip on the gold for collateral in lending money to the USA while the dollar shrinks and is living on borrowed time as the Fed printing presses continue to roll pumping out worthless fiat paper worth one dollar of nothing.


    P Naj Reply:

    I think Obama is stealing it for himself. I think that the U.S. Government is the servant of the U.S.A.’s people who legally inhabit the U.S.A., and that we, the people, should demand our rights here and now, and just force what we want to happen. Our government isn’t going by our constitution, and has no right to change it without our consent. Here and now, we should all go against the thieves in our White House and move forward as Americans. The people in our government, who are against us, are thieves, liars, and most of all… our enemies. The more we sit, the more we are asking to be destroyed. One cannot abide a thief and murderer… and that is what has happened to the U.S.A.’s working citizens. Those not supposed to be in the U.S.A. must leave.


  8. Eric B. says:

    Does this surprise anyone? With Obama and the Democratic party teetering on the brink of Socialism and doing every thing in their power to push it over. Obama has already secured his future money wise.


  9. Ron S says:

    The Government didn’t have to remove any gold from Fort Knox for there to be none there. All it had to do was sell it in the paper markets and roll over contracts so that it doesn’t have to deliver. Or it could have lent it out to the likes of Continental Illinois Bank, Bear Stearns, Lehman, and similar ones that are still in biz, but highly leveraged.


  10. Lois says:

    Another salient point –
    Germany asked to have their gold sent back to them and were told it would not be possible for a few yrs. I cant recall exactly but 2016 rings a bell.
    There was not a lot of coverage by the media on that one.


  11. Wyatt says:

    This administration has been aimed at one goal to destroy America . What better way than to run us into such debt that we are forced to pay it off in Ft. Knox Gold . Countries with gold reserves held there are asking for it back . Germany has requested theirs be returned and I suspect others . It would also not surprise me in the least if much of it has been looted by our leader to fund his own retirement as he runs us into bankruptcy.


  12. John says:

    An audit would take only a few seconds – if there is no gold. If this is the case they would resist an audit to keep the public from crying out.


  13. George says:

    The amount of gold claimed to be in Ft. Knox is far less in value than the $17 Trillion admitted debt, > $100 Trillion if you include unfunded liabilities (which would be considered debt if you or I owed it). So practically speaking, it may as well be empty.


  14. Robert says:

    There should be a mandate keeping anyone from taking that gold! Our government spends $200 million every hour, 365 how long can we keep going at this rate? We can’t afford the interest pmts. I’m no genius, but I know that’s quite a tab!


  15. jo2jo says:

    Fort Knox Gold is worth about $130 billion. The Federal Government has a yearly Trillion dollar deficit and a 17 trillion dollar debt. The only reason to keep it is “IF” the other countries refuse to take the dollar.


  16. sierra skier says:

    The $15 million to test all of the gold would cost less than one of Obama’s vacations.


  17. RoyInNC says:

    IMHO, only a foolish person would have any faith in this house of cards. I personally took my savings out of the financial system and put it in gold and silver. I sleep well at night because I have insurance, no matter what they do. Until then, I can live on SS and my pension.


  18. BOB ROBISON SR says:

    What will it take to force an audit ?


  19. Dominic Smith says:

    There hasn’t been any gold in Fort Knox since 1962.


  20. Jack in AZ says:

    There hasn’t been any gold in Ft. Knox for years now. Obama didn’t steal anything. It was all looted back in the 1950’s and 1960’s. We went off the gold standard for our money back in the early 1970’s under Nixon. There are maybe a few gold-plated tungsten bars there for show purposes. Tungsten has about the same weight as gold. If there actually were any gold in Ft. Knox it would by all rights belong to the American people, the original gold in Ft. Knox was forcibly stolen and confiscated from the American people in 1933 by FDR.


  21. tango_chuck says:

    This article is full of BS. All speculation and hype. Might as well be about Big Foot, Noah’s Arc or UFOs. A cheap novel read. I know for a fact that Fort Knox is full of gold among other valuable items. I’ve talked to people who have seen it, audited it and worked there. Fort Knox has no gold is a myth….


  22. Stop Smile says:

    The article sounds just like being spoken from the mouth of Eric Cartman (from south park).
    Same level of BS and similarity in trying very hard to construct points and logic from smaller irrevelant facts.


    IndianaJohn Reply:

    I still want to see it and test a few bars.


  23. Karen McElrath says:

    In 1984, the US Treasury hired the first 3 women to work as federal police officers at the US Depository, Fort Knox (aka the Gold Vault). I was one of the 3 women. There was definitely gold there in the 1980s, although none of us who worked there would have known of its purity. Additionally, audits of the gold and other contents were conducted once per year. And those audits were very detailed, and involved several people. That was in the 1980s. I seriously doubt that the gold was removed after that period. If it were, there would be several officers and other employees who would have known about such a removal. I appreciate the article, but I do not buy the author’s argument.


    Jonas broh Reply:

    Yeah right.


  24. H. Craig Bradley says:


    President Obama ( and the globalists and bankers that ALL modern day presidents work for) has set about to enter into nuclear arms treaties with various countries we still consider adversaries, if not enemies (such as Iran, Russia, China, North Korea, etc).
    This strategy is to rearrange the deck so that no one country has nuclear superiority over any other. By giving up more weapons in practice than our treaty partners will do, we diminish our nuclear superiority and deterrent capability to an extent. Thus all countries become more equal, militarily.

    The same approach applies to monetary policy and the role of precious metals in the global economy. Gold has been flowing to China and other countries from the Western Developed economies for over 10 years. Western nations have been net sellers, with developing countries as net buyers.

    Again, by repositioning gold in foreign vaults and out of FED vaults ( New York) or Ft. Knox, Kentucky, we diminish our financial reserves, while others become stronger financially/monetarily. Add to that changes in FX values or currency rates.

    Its all a long term concerted action by allied globalists and those in high political office who are willing collaborators in our eventual demise. There is little you can do about it; few have even a clue to what is really going on. (Its more than just gold).


    H. Craig Bradley Reply:

    1940-1960= America’s Golden Age ( “Quality Money”)
    1965- Present= Quantity Money
    ? When will the global financial system reset and will it necessarily reset to a form of “Quality Money” again?
    If it ever does, it won’t be dominated by just one country as the U.S. (Dollar) has been, although some would like that for themselves.


  25. Rick Mayes says:

    My neighbor just told me that all of the Gold we thought was in Fort Knox is a in a deep vault in New Jersey. Has anyone ever heard even a rumor about this? He is very adamant about this and said he had actually personally seen the Gold with his own two eyes.


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