Stand Your Ground Law Protects Violent Criminals

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  1. Norm39 says:

    And Stand Your Ground protects honest, law biding citizens from the criminals.


  2. D O S says:

    Come through MY DOOR as you will I WILL BLOW YOUR FACE OFF!!!
    maybe I should run this by RACE BAITER AL SHARLETON??


  3. DOS says:

    IS Capitol Hill Daily censoring my comments??


  4. DOS says:

    Knowing HOW Washington DC OPERATES it WOULD NOT surprise me.
    Probably Eric The Withholder doing the censoring himself.


  5. DOS says:

    What is taking so long to “MODERATE” my comments??
    Oh I forgot, While we all slept last night The Obama Administration repealed the 1st Amendment.


  6. DOS says:

    Let me guess?? THE SEQUESTER meant That CapitolHillDaily had to lay off their Moderator??


  7. Tom says:

    Corbitt screwed up – when they entered he should have shot – no questions asked. Why did he fight with them?


  8. SammysDad says:

    The men broke in, one armed, and entered and became a part of a violent confrontation. There is no way Issac or World can be truthful about thedecision to kill someone. The article did not say whether there was actually a gun Corbitt could use, so we don’t know the whole story, but giving a criminal and an admitted killer the benefit of the doubt on this case is insane. Issac had a route to leave in this situation, and he did not. Should he get off on this one, no one should complain about the Zimmerman verdict, but the media will never tell this story.


  9. Little Bright Feather says:

    The Florida Stand Your Ground law cut home invasions by more then half over night. All crime went way down – we are keeping tha law no matter what the DC puppet of a governor here does. His new law is UN-Constitutional so none of us are going to obey it – it is our citizen’s DUTY NOT to obey UN-Constitutinal laws. And the Zimmerman case (that should have not been a “case” to begin with but DC had its entities make it one so DC had a foot in the door of our state affairs – that is Treason) had nothing to do with that law and it was never mentioned in court. It’s just DC’s determination to control every state and have them make DC law their law too. The DC dictatorship needs to be put down ! That is our duty to do as well.

    “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey, he is obligated to do so.” – – Thomas Jefferson

    Time we listen to the Founders as we should have all along and NOT to DC who has NO authority or jurisdiction outside of their own DC borders !


    Dennis Bouse Reply:

    Okay. First, I don’t know how the SC reads. I looked up the Florida law and you have to be engaged in a legal activity at the time of the shooting. Additionally, you have to be in fear for your life or serious bodily harm. (Note: there is no provision stating that you have to convince the jury of the fear)
    Both here in Va and NC have a clause about convincing the jury that a reasonable person would also fear for their life. You do not have the right to use deadly force to protect property! I think we should but the law will have to be changed.
    I’m a big fan of Jefferson and he also bet his all, hoping to win the war when it came. He knew if they lost, he would lose his life and all property to the Crown.
    Vote the puppets out of office and change the laws, but be sure about the people you support for office are worthy of it.


  10. robert e lee says:

    stupid bast666rd should have feared for his life the freaking criminal; never carry a weapon or pull it unless you intend to use it.


  11. robert e lee says:

    there a numerous incidents involving criminals suing the home owner for defending the owners property; aclu cancer to America.


  12. VforVendetta says:

    Someone steps on your property without permission with intent to commit any kind of crime they do not have any defense at all they are the intruder this law does not help them or apply to them. It applies to the property owner only.


  13. Don Garmany says:

    Here in Michigan, Stand Your Ground can only be used IF you have a LEGAL RIGHT to be where you are AND IF you are NOT in the ACT of COMMITTING a FELONY. I’m glad at least a couple of our elected officials had the common sense and foresight to add that to our SYG Law, thereby protecting the armed law abiding Sheepdogs instead of the Wolfs.


  14. Bob says:

    Every state should use Oklahomas law called “The Castle Law” or “Stand Your Ground Law”. Plain and simple, you invade somebodys home and they feel threaened, shoot them. The predator is not the “Victim” in any way. My wife and I both have concealed carry permits. We both carry at all times.When criminals and low lifes figure out there is great risk in their occupation, crime rates fall. It’s good to be in Oklahoma!!!


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