Countries Are Collapsing, Just Look Around

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  1. Mole Johnson says:

    Gawd! How depressing …..


  2. Keith Luxton says:

    Obama has spent more time at his original job of political activist than trying to run this country into the ground. He has been stirring the middle east up failing to support legitimate governments in most of the countries and supplying and supporting the takeover of these countries by the most evil of organizations, the Muslim Brotherhood. He has provided millions of our dollars and huge amounts of modern fighting equipment to these animals. God forgive America for the actions of this evil president


  3. Bill says:

    obama is a complete idiot as is administration, obama is giving foreign aid to Egypt, which is muslim brother hood regime, How ignortant is that, but obama is a muslim. I DETEST all muslims, and obama


  4. thingsthatmakeyagohmmmmmm says:

    Where did you get your statistics on Egypt? Have you ever been there? My statistics indicates that your statistics are at least 80% incorrect, especially concerning “female genital mutilation” and “inbreeding”. That is just plain ludicrous. It’s “yellow journalism” like yours that sets up facades and mocks veracity and spreads jaundiced eyes throughout the world. Tell the truth.


    Blessed B. Reply:

    All one has to do to KNOW what is happening NOW in America and the world – READ THE BIBLE! IT ALSO TELLS US WHAT IS GOING TO CONTINUE TO HAPPEN TO US and our country. There are plenty of FREE AIDS to help you understand the BIBLE. You just have to want to learn about it and search out those available to help you,like The Philadelphia Church Of God, Pastor John Haggee and many, many others. Good luck and GOD BLESS.


    Sambo Reply:

    The Bible wasn’t written by Jesus Christ it was written by common men, furthermore, many of the people that wrote in the Bible had evil intentions and quests for power. Don’t buy into everything you read in the Bible it is very suspect. It is a great holy book with much spiritual knowledge but it is incomplete and fallible. Christ returned in 1844. see Baha’u’llah wrote volumes and volumes of scripture that is above and beyond anything in the Bible. Check it out, time’s a wasting.


  5. Jeff Noncent says:

    Country are getting worse and the United States going to get even worse


  6. tom s says:

    we’re living in a pyramid or ponzi scheme being managed by the liberals and cannot survive if allowed to continue..


  7. tom s says:

    Why would the united states get involved in another war, excuse me, I mean another civil war? I can answer that we are going to support the side that is the Muslim brotherhood. Now why would we do


  8. P B says:

    This country is at the top of the list right now, and the muslim puke is seeing to it as well. He needs to bankrupt this country to hand it over to these islamic pig friends of his.


  9. Aida Payton says:

    that hard part with the country that run by dictator, when their leader gone, people living in poverty in, middle east need to be modernized because seems like still living in back. 15 century, I don’t know how this people being selfish. They don’t realized that, the success of the people the success of the country. If everyone is brilliant the brightest future of the next generations.


  10. MediaMike says:

    This happens because Israel makes it happen, and they make it happen with US foreign aid money.

    No Israel, no wars that spill over the borders that they have been battling in for 4,000 years.

    Send the Israelis back to the countries their families came from only 70 years ago, end the Israeli government thereby, and bring peace and economic stability to the world.


  11. Gary Von Neida says:

    I believe that what We have in the OVAL Office is a TOOL of the “One World Government” Fascists and His Marching Orders include the destruction of Our Republic and bring into existance and Evil Empire where all Religon is replaced by GOVERNMENT.


  12. George R. Giltner says:

    This is the plan of “The New World Order” Oblah blah is just a american representive. A little Black Boy
    whom thinks he’s a player. When in fact he only plays with his and Chris Mattews cock. I sure O blah blah bends over for a quickie. No respect intended.


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