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The 10 Most Important Questions – And Predictions – for 2013 (Part 1)

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  1. Mike Guajardo says:

    Regarding question #3, if the Iraqi Dinar will ever re-value, does this also apply to the Vietnamese Dong (VND)? Is the VND a scam as well?


    R lewis Reply:

    Has this prediction changed owing to the UN vote on the Iraqi bankruptcy situation? Are US dollars going to be gold backed ? Has China started building a gold backed Yuan?


  2. D M says:

    It’s good to see somebody out there warning people about apple stock. I’m really sorry about missing your April and July warnings but I am quite sure you will not be eating “crow”. I have been watching APPL form a head and shoulders on its weekly charts and at the same time watched as its 50 day cross over its 200 day on its daily charts. So I also don’t rate APPL as a buy. A better buy might be better once the apple hits the ground.


  3. Harold says:

    So a country with the LARGEST OIL supply and the worlds largest oil production is a scam! That is a contradiction to say the least!


    Mike Reply:

    The only reason main stream financial experts discredit the dinar is their inability to profit from an individuals investment. Factual data from Iraq is very confusing and misleading for a reason. They state in one news bite, their intention to increase the value of the currency and the next day their intention is to re-denominate.
    As Harold states the country just has far to much wealth in the ground. The proven oil reserves of Iraq put them in the top three countries globally. As the World Bank and IMF move to the Basil system of valuing a currency, the dinar by virtue of the accounting methodology will show increased value at some point in the near future. The real question is when you purchase a currency of any country how can it be considered a “scam”?


    Wall Street Daily Research Reply:

    Thanks for your question Mike, you make a good point. However, in 2011, it appears that consumers were warned about the dinar, here is the link to that alert: We hope that information can shed some light on the dinar. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email us at


  4. Randy Baar says:

    When you buy dinar you physically get the currency. You can sell the currency back to a dealer or a person. I have trouble seeing why that is a scam. I feel I am a currency speculator


    networth Reply:

    It’s a scam because you pay 20%-30% premium to purchase the hard currency. When you sell it back you only recieve about 95% of face value. It’s an exotic currency. The most significant revaluations in the history of the world only appreciated 30%. You’ll never get your money back. Your throwing money down the drain for some pretty colored pieces of paper. But, hey, waste your money on anything you want.


  5. Marci French says:

    If the dinar is a scam then the banks in the US that sell it to you would be in on the scam.
    Couldn’t they be brought up on charges of some kind for from the FDIC since the money you buy your dinars with is in thier bank now and being lent to individuals.
    They are buying homes and things with Scam Money.


    Angelo Reply:

    I completely agree with you. I bought my Dinars from my local bank as well from Canada. Does that mean that even Canadian banks are in on the scam as well. Would the author be saying the same thing when the Kuwait dinar dipped to 10 cents from $3 during the war. What happened afterwards, it went back to $3 + those who bought the Kuwait dinar at 10 cents were laughing all the way to bank when it hit $3 again. I bet people were saying the same thing back, “its a scam” Well history did prove it wasn’t, many profited big time. A little patience and lets see what happens to the Iraqi dinar.


    ANGELA Reply:

    I have to agree with you. Because if it were a scam and the dong was as well NO ONE would be able to just walk in the bank with them. Why did Wells Fargo and J P Morgan and Chase sign on to invest in the country and the currency. Chase is going to make 1 trillon a year from this… WHY DOES THE US HAVE 4 TRILLION DINARS… AND WHY DID BUSH SAY THAT IRAQ WOULD PAY US FOR THIS WAR? LAST WHY WAS THE CHAPTER 7 LIFTED FROM IRAQ AND WHY HAS RUSSIA AND IRAN SIGNED ON TO EXPORT NATURAL GAS FROM THEM…


  6. Chad says:

    I agree with Angela. If there was a scam behind this why would the U.S. have trillions and Bush went on record stating that the American people would not have to pay for this war? It because Iraqi gave the U.S. 4 trillion dinars before the war and there has always been the notion that this would back the US. dollar at some point when those revalue. The US WILL NOT CASH THEM IN THEY WILL BACK OUR DEFICIT and bring us out of debt. This is going to be the biggest transfer of wealth in the history of the world. Iraq has more way oil reserves than Kuwait and Iraq will surely be worth as much if not more than Kuwait. The investment is not a scam. I have bought Dinars and I have cashed them in and got my money back, the only thing I lost was a few dollars on the exchange, so if I can get my investment back by just exchanging them how can this be a scam? It is a no lose investment. Why would Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Chase Bank just open up branches in Iraq? If I was a bank in business to make money would I go to a broke country with no future and set up shop? You have to ask yourself if I invest 2 or 3 thousand dollars to see if this thing revalues? If it does than I am rich if it don’t I cash them in and lose a few hundred? I don’t consider this a scam or even high risk. I have lost that on one hand at the black jack table. I did my research. Now Russia is getting on board and Iran to start exporting. I think there are a lot of ignorant people that don’t understand what the dinar is or its potential. I bought my dinar from Chase Bank. Microsoft is on stand by now to bring the country into the 21st century and bring a trillion dollars of infrastructure upgrades into the country. There has been a complete lift on the chapter 7 bk. Cant wait to see whats next? I get so tired of the people who badmouth this investment. Its no different than any other there are a lot of stupid websites and and talk about it happening tomorrow.. I don’t listen to that stuff. I do believe it will happen I just don’t know when.


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