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Three Currencies Ready for a HUGE Revaluation

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  1. Shaun Apple says:

    These currency suggestions are spot on.


    DTConcerned Reply:

    Canada’s debt ratio to GDP is on a par with the USA. England is 5 times worse then the USA and the rest of Europe is more then double their GDP. The Chinese Yuan is solid, and may double or triple except China may deliberately keep it low in order to maintain their export market to keep their industry from crashing, this is a risky investment. Indian Rupee is expected to rise in value, solid investment, not as risky. Vietnamese Dong while currently sanctioned is expected to have a dramatic increase in value as is the IQD(Iraqi Dinar) and a few other recovering country currencies.
    So I do not agree that this is spot on, but rather marginal The USA has more resources and greater ease of access then Canada the CND is in a tight balance with the USD. China has a market that is currently dependent on the US purchasing power.


    Jim Stennes Reply:

    I have a lot of interest in the IQD. Do you have any info on when it might RV.


    Wall Street Daily Research Reply:

    Thank you for your comment. Question 3 in the article provided will directly answer your question regarding the revaluation of the Dinar.

    [Reply] Reply:

    What are the instructions for investing or purchasing Dinar? Is there a website where the purchase can be made? Please advise.


    Wall Street Daily Research Reply:

    Thank you for your question. Louis Basenese has answered questions about the Dinar in previous articles. Here is the link:

    We hope you find it helpful.

    The WSD Team

  2. Margarit says:

    Where to purchase “Dinar”.
    I understand Bank of America as well as other banks have them.


    Wall Street Daily Research Reply:

    Thank you for your question.
    The Dinar is a popular topic with Wall Street Daily readers. Louis Basenese addressed his views in this article:
    We hope you find it useful.


  3. Thomas Dawson says:

    In view of the potential at coober pedy, the austrailan dollar may outshine all other currencies.


  4. Goateeman says:

    I have minimally invested in the IQD, 1 million Dinar, to be exact, an outlay of just under a $1000.00 CDN. Now, since I have invested in this (and to set the record straight right away I DO NOT RELY ON “GURU” PUMPER FORUMS FOR MY INFO). I have researched this currency and found through the Central Bank of Iraq and the IMF, that Iraq has printed over 79 trillion Dinar and that all are in circulation. Now, from other sites I have visited and shared in the comments sections it has become evident to me that there is NO WAY, the IQD can be re-valued to pre-war status, as a re-value of that magnitude would require many times more than the value of all the economies combined on the planet to do this. Please provide some insight into this, as I am ready to take the hit on the exchange rate differential, and cash them in and maybe move either into a different currency, such as the Yuan or Rupee, or even (as I have been advised) to put the Dinar I hold into the ISX. I am a relative newbie in this world financial markets stuff and I would like some more insight into this as I don’t want to trip up any more. Thanks and I look forward to some advice from the WSD research department.


  5. Victor Xiong says:

    Regarding the Chinese RMB, I believe devaluation rather than appreciation will happen in the intermediate future. The pressure for appreciation is caused by the GDP-focused economy. Now the central government is steering the economy away from that business model to domestic consumption. And the pressure will ease with time. The relative high value of the RMB has contributed to the real estate bubble (1000 bigger than Dubai according to Chanos) and a runaway inflation. It is in the interest of the central government to keep them under control.


  6. Gorn says:

    If I had a dollar for every grandiose claim on a economic/investment site about how sure they are something is going to happen and they end up wrong, I’d be a rich man… Even with the devalued dollar.


  7. Mikem says:

    And here we are two years after this article first published and the Canadian dollar is at a 5 year low. The oil sector in a slump.
    The US dollar and economy strong and growing.
    So much for the predictions of Karim Rahemtulla


  8. Jardin says:

    Full of craps. Sounds to me a mirror alike weathermen. One sing the rest follow.
    There are only 2 super currencies, US$ and Euro€.
    The rest are, either major or insignificant currencies. Japanese Yen, Canadian $, British Pounds already prove us in last few decades history.


  9. Jardin says:

    By the way. Bitcoin will be the super currency to compete US$ and Euro€.


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